i accept u

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so alot of my friends who are "out of the closet" are talking
and all of a sudden the whole speech about people saying its okay to be you. and I accept you comes up.
my friends are all "I'm tired of that its over used."
Or a friend said, "I accept you, but don't like me."
i dont understand... isnt that the wat for people say to reassure us that
we're all good, that no matter wat, no matter who we are, we're stil going to b the same?
wat are my friends expecting? that all of sudden the earth should shake and the person they jus told aught to tell them something as profound as wat was jus said?
is not the "I accept u for u" just as profound?
wat time am i in, that sincerity isnt good enough any more?


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Heh, we were talking about

Heh, we were talking about this the other day in English
...I mean, not this subject, but cliches.

Cliches become cliches because they're the expressions that -fit- the situation, they're tried and tested, and they WORK :)

It's just my opinion, but yeah, I completely agree with you. Something shouldn't lose worth just because others are using it. Language can't be cheapened!

It's like having a favourite band, and suddenly everyone else starts listening to them. They're still you favourtie band (debatable for some people), but t just means that everyone else is on the same page as you...which should be a good thing :D

...right? Right?
*looks around*

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cliches only lose their

cliches only lose their meaning if we lose sight of the simple truth behind them (me and my friends said that until even that itself became a cliche)