I can't sleep

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I can't sleep properly
i can't sleep properly
i keep worrying about my upcoming blood test
and it's like a month away

i'm getting dark circles around my eyes and I'm getting sick
but am i sick because of HIV or because i haven't been getting sleep?
no answer
it's like a month away

this is so painful i'm losing my mind
im losing my mind
someone save me



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Much too soon...

...to blame HIV (which will likely come back as negative). So, you'll have to find some other explanation for the dark circles: worry, alone, is the most likely culprit.

Worry over a future pronouncement can be quite debilitating, and I wish I had an efficacious panacea to offer.

But... please take heart: The odds are very much in your favor. You used your head and sought immediate prophylaxis (which is proven quite effective in killing the beast... even in the presence of infection). And, assuming that there were no open wounds, the chances are even more in your favor.

Finally... do you even know for sure that your seducer was positive?

If the concern becomes too much... you may want to ask for an early blood test even though you've not yet reached the stage at which antibodies would normally be detectable (if, indeed, infection has occurred).

You'll be fine. Think positive!