I feel like the world is suspicious today...

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I already know that this entry is going to be ridiculously long, so let me apologize in advance. I really need to say this because I don't want to go even crazier than I already am.
So at school I had an 'enrichment', which is basically an excuse for free periods so they won't be so freeform. Mine is run by the most clueless Spanish/French teacher ever, she doesn't speak either of the languages she's supposed to teach. This would be why I take Latin. So, anyway, in her'enrichment'we are reading a pathetic book called 13, and it's a bunch of short stories that are about how hard it is to be a teenager, etc.
One of the stories is about a boy who realizes he's gay after 'accidently' kissing his best friend. The teacher managed to get every kid in the class to notice that story by skipping over the line describing it on the back. Pathetic. If you want to have a 100% non-gay curriculum, than you shouldn't have picked that book. Now I'm pretty sure every kid in the class has read that story at least once. I'd read it over and over when I saw my friend was reading it, right at the part where they kiss. As she read it, her face scrunched up and she looked at me, and said,"Oh, my god, that is soooo gross!!! Did you read that?! THEY'RE BOTH BOYS, AND THEY KISSED!!!" I seriously felt like somebody poured cold water on my heart. I'd been debating whether I should tell her I'm bi or not for a really long time, she seems like the least judgemental that way of my friends. And she kinda just answered whether I should come out to her or not. As far as it goes, that's not very high on the Homophobe-O-Meter, but it still hurt. I, personally, don't see how gender affects kissing. So I just kinda nodded to her and so she turned and started talking about it to her other friend. So that started it. Then I had Latin, which makes me happy, because we were doing a myth today. Lucky person I am, the myth was about Venus, goddess of love.This isn't working, I'll post and next journal finish