i feel rather alone. and slightly depressed.

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its been awhile since i wrote a real journal.
you know.
one where i vent, or tell you all what i am feeling.
i always feel sad and alone when i dont have someone by my side.
like....i need to be in love.
i need someone by my side
so i feel safe
so i feel loved
so i feel wanted.
i told myself i didnt want love anymore.
not after what happened with Christina.
but i cant help it.
i am the type of person who needs to love someone
i need to love.
i need to be in love.
i need to have someone to be a total sweetheart with.
to care for.
to laugh with
to talk to for hours
to live.
to be alive.
to FEEL alive.
to be happy and care free
but, i cant seem to find the right person.
there is always a problem.
why does it have to be so hard?
i want something so simple
but it is so difficult to obtain.
i am looking for it.
i dont think i can wait until i stumble upon it again.
i need love.