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Well, apparently the church I attend is hosting some sort of PFLAG event. I saw a flier about it on a bulletin board, and they announced/advertised it today.During the announcement as soon as I heard what they were talking about I turned and started talking to my friend about computerized confetti rockets, of all things, so it wouldn't look like I was paying any sort of attention. I noticed, though, that although the flier had said it was about GLBT, no B or T was mentioned, in the announcement or the acronym. Come on! Is that really fair? Though I'll admit, PFLGBAT doesn't sound nearly as good...Anyway, I am not going, but does anyone here have anything to say about PFLAG???
And do you like my new signature?


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well it good that your

well it good that your church is recognizing PFLAG. but i think LAG includes the B and T and everything in between. lol. i can't see your signature. what is it?

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Similarly to PFLAG, if GSAs

Similarly to PFLAG, if GSAs had acronyms that actually described what they entailed they would be LGBTIQPASAs, and no one would know what was going on.

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Okay... For what exactly are

Okay... For what exactly are all those letters standing? I've got most of them, but...

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L=Lesbian G=Gay B=Bisexual T=

(but you probably knew all of those)
A= Asexual
S=Straight (you knew that one too)
and, if you're a scifi fan,
O=Omnisexual=will sleep with anything regardless of gender/species

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1. at least they're trying.
2. i'm sure PFLAG has done a good job.
3. and i have not seen your new signature.

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...just figured id comment

...just figured id comment to let you know i read it.

though i unfortunately do not have any knowledge about PFLAG, never have been associated with them so i cannot much comment on that.

oh...are you out to family/friends? just wondering.

i do the same make it look like im not interested in something so nobody elsle sees the way my eyes sparkle when something glbtq related is mentioned

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First of all, I'm not out in any way, not yet. Second of all, PFALG stands for Parents and Friends/Family of Lesbians and Gays. But I thought it was interesting, my church never did anything like that before. And yep, I try not to look interested, my mother had been giving me dirty looks because I hadn't been paying attention the rest of the service, so I wasn't about to start. The event's over now, I kinda wish I could've been there.
My signature is pathetic, I couldn't think of anything, but I had to do something.

This is the Lamest Signature Ever

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You're not required to have

You're not required to have a signature, you know...

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Funnyflyby... feel free to


feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

i'm mostly out.

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Thank you, I will. I'm not really ready though.
I got rid of the signature. Short-lived signature, poor thing.