I'm mad at my friend/ All Dreams Are Really About Sex (not)

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I'm extremely frustrated yet kind of laughing... I'll say the frustrating part last.
Just so you know, you don't have to read this. It probably isn't that interesting, but I want to say it somewhere.
I was with 2 of my friends at one of their houses, and we found a dream-translating book that looked innocent enough, but in the back dictionary every single thing that can show up in a dream means the dreamer is thinking about sex. It was ridiculous. It turned out my friend's mother had bought it years ago to figure out what her crazy dreams meant, and hadn't ever read it. The dream went like this:
She was climbing up a hill, and at the top she saw a little red schoolhouse and hundreds of cherry pies. When she got near them, snakes burst out. As she was running away, Paul McCartney found her and flew away with her.
According to the book, this is what it meant:
She was trying desperately to hang on to virginity, but more sex opportunities and peer pressure finally forced her to let go. She attempted to forget the experience, because she thought it made her a worse person, but then temptations came back and she stopped resisting.
This book is wacked. In my opinion, it's just supposed to mess with people.
But the part that angers me:
In the car with my friends, Friend 1 was making fun of Friend 2 for trick-or-treating with a boy on Halloween, saying it was a date and blah blah, and generally making a fool of herself as it's been like 2 weeks since Halloween anyway. Friend 2 insisted it was not a date, he was a family friend and anyway his sister and a bunch of her friends were with them. "So it was a double date," Stupid-Friend-1 said. Friend 2 rolls her eyes. "The friends were all girls, idiot." At this point I felt obliged to say something, and began, "Well, you never know...- But, of course, I was interrupted by Friend 1, who said, "Yeah, they were probably lesbo girls, huh, and it was a double date, with LESBOS! etc" I have such bad taste in friends. I vent.


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hisssssss.... Massachusetts isn't as open as people think. And yes, the gajindiak just hissed.

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Yeah, I has a question

That sounds like a Freudian book. Freud said that if you made pictures of buildings, you're drawing male sexuality, and if you draw rolling hills, you're making female sexuality.
I hate Freud. He just basically said all humans are raging sex maniacs on the inside.

And when my mom refers to lesbians, she calls them dykes. Like, all the time, offhandedly, like "that dyke from my soccer team, we had some drinks today and had a lot of fun" for example. If that is not used offensively, is it still an offensie term?

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