I'm much calmer now

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I'm writing an entry while I'm much calmer so maybe it will sound more sane when you read it.

Though I do feel a buzz inside my body. But maybe that's just me.

I really have been triggered quite a lot lately.
Another nightmare last night.

Talked to R for almost half an hour on the phone today as I sobbed. I miss M so much. I love her and I can't stand this forced distance between us.

I've had such strong urges and I think they've been increased under my new med, so I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow and I will tell her about that. About how much worse its gotten for me. How much more suffering I feel I've done, how its more painful.

I'm having the same OCD thoughts as I had back two years ago. Ughhhh we're back to THOSE.yes.we are.

I'm sort of afraid I may hurt myself tonight but right now I'm distracting myself enough so I am fine.


I will write more later or tomorrow. I have quite a bit more to say but don't feel like saying any of it due to my current state of being is rather low. And I dont much care for myself.


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Well, the calm part is good

Well, the calm part is good to hear.

Feel better soon. Torrential emotions are hell to get through.

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OHMYGAWED...I saw the doc

OHMYGAWED...I saw the doc and A today. And I came out to her...well, told her I'm questioning my gender. blarblarblarblarblar.
And I told R about the paranoia or some such thing.