I'm so happy! I semi-came out to my best friend!

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I would have posted this last night at around 2 AM, but I was sleeping over at my best friend's house, or this wouldn't have happened anyway.
YES!!! I reeeeally wanted to tell her about my 'bisexuality' for a long time, and she's my only friend who's never said anything homophobic to me, which is really too bad. But I suddenly had an idea of a way to tell her without randomly blurting things out and putting her on the spot. I suggested we play the game of Life, which we loved when we were little and hadn't played in years. She said yes, and then at the part where you have to Get Married, I put another little pink woman figure in the car with me. She looked at me,and I said, "Why not? I might." It was so funny, because I'd expected her to react, and she just said, "Yeah, maybe. Okay." And so we finished the game. Afterwards, when it was 1:45 AM and everybody was asleep, and we were almost asleep, I said, "The reason I put another woman in the car is because I'm in love with a girl right now." She started laughing hysterically, because she thought I'd said something else which I don't feel like going into, but I repeated it and she just said, "Who?" I told her, and then explained how I don't really care if the person I love is male or female, and how she's the first person I ever told, etc. She didn't care, at all. That's one of my favorite things about her, is that she'll just accept things like that. I haven't been able to stop smiling. I don't think I would've been able to do that without thinking about Oasis. Thank you!!! :) :) :)


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I don't think that's

I don't think that's semi-coming out, that seems like the real thing... Congratulations! And what a cute way to do it, with the Game of Life!

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well done! now that you've

well done! now that you've done it it'll get easier and easier too (:

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I hope it gets easier... and thank you! YES!!! I CELEBRATE!!! Sorry, I'm so thrilled right now... but I guess it wasn't semi-, thinking about it... WHOO-HOO!!!