My Incredibly Insightful Review of Mulan (sort of)

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Okay, this is really random and sorta dumb but I think that the world should hear it at some point or other.
I read through the whole 'characters that should've been gay' forum topic, and one that I noticed was people saying Mulan was either tgor lesbian. I'll admit it, I'm really curious, and I hated disney princesses when I was little and never did watch that. So I watched it today, and this is what I say:
Mulan is totally transgender, I dn't remember who said that in the forum but they're 100% right.
The ending sucks, and it should have ended with a dramatic scene where Mulan sacrifices him/herself to save everybody, preferably by blowing up with the Hun guy in a rocket blast he/she fired. Then everybody could honor Mulan and stuff. I said this (not the tg part) to my mother and brother, my mom kindly pointed out that if that happened it might actually qualify as literature as opposed to Disney junk.
Another thing that might make it more interesting: Cut the dragon and cricket. Why is it that every animated Disney movie ever includes the hero/heroine having some blundering creature or some cute, pointless creature following them around?
Let Mulan actually be shown hacking Huns to pieces, let him/her really be a warrior, not just a strategist and a good cannon aimer.
Looking back on this, make it non-animated and it might be worth watching.
That'd be my thoughts. Maybe I paid more attention to that movie than I thought.


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Thing is, though, Disney's

Thing is, though, Disney's never had so much as an interracial coupling in its princess movies. Sure, there's been a princess from every major racial group in the world, but they all get married off to princes of the same race. So it's not about to go into the far-more-controversial realms of same-sex romance, let alone admit the existence of transgender characters. Not for a long time yet. And killing off heroines? Never going to happen. So maybe someone should make a live-action re-envisioning of Mulan, targeted toward mature audiences, in which the protagonist is a trans guy and gets killed, but that would be a completely different movie and could not possibly be Disney. Alas. It does sound like a good movie, though...

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Oh, actually!

If you count the new one, The Princess and the Frog, there WAS an interracial couple. The prince was like, British Middle Eastern and the princess was black. So yeah :)

Dude, but that idea sounds awesome. I would go and see it a billion times.
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Oh. I thought the prince was some other kind of black. Different ethnicity from the princess, but still African in ancestry. Seems I was wrong.

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"...some other kind of black."

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Well, it happens! If you

Well, it happens! If you define 'black' as 'having African ancestry,' there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ethnicities within that category. In fact, the only traits the people of the entire continent of Africa share are dark hair, dark eyes, and a high-melanin skin tone. Genetically, an African may be as different from the African in the next village as he is from a Swede or an Eskimo. So yes, it would be more than possible for Tiana to be African-American and Prince Whateverhisnamewas to be 'some other kind of black.'

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you know what i find funny

you know what i find funny about disney movies
the princess is always supposed to like, get over the guy's ugliness/past/whatever
but the guy is just like ouh check out that princess and then he ~*~falls in love~*~
it's like we're teaching girls to try and see past appearances and guys to be superficial dicks
then again i don't really watch disney movies
&@MacAvity that does sounds like a good movie ...

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.

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my thoughts on the subject:

Except in Mulan, my favorite characters were always the villains. Scar, Ursula, Jafar... and most especially Dr. Facilier. But in Mulan I actually liked the protagonist the most, which was a first. So I have to disagree with the whole wanting her to die for the sake of good art bit... I just like her too much :)
Also, who says a good strategist isn't a real warrior because he/she doesn't hack people to bits? As long as you are an asset to your side, it shouldn't matter whether your muscles or your brains are what you're using to qualify you as a true soldier.
Furthermore, I didn't see Mulan as identifying as a man... she functioned very well as one, it gave her a lot of freedom, she fit in excellently, but I saw all that as making her more a feminist than a transgender person. Plus she seemed quite comfortable with going back to being a woman by the end of the film, even fighting the last battle in a dress. I felt like it was more about learning to use one's own gender to one's advantage, rather than being forever dissatisfied with it. But then again, I could just be saying that because as a genetic girl comfortable with my own gender, identifying with her is easier if I think of her as having a similar gender identity... and as Disney's target audience for the princess line is mainly composed of girls who are happy being girls, that's probably the way they intended the character to be perceived.
Yeah, I've kind of watched this movie a bajillion times and this is the result :P

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I see what you mean, but I guess it's all about the way you saw it. A tactitian is a real warrior, but it isn't exactly what he/she trained for, and I think it isn't great to portray it as boys are the muscles, girls are the brains, either. Couldn't it maybe show Mulan as both?
Also, the reason for the interracial thing is partly that in the places the movies take place, there generally isn't a lot of racial diversity. How many blondes were in Aladdin? Just saying that. But yeah, Disney is pretty stereotypical anyway. At least Mulan gets to use a sword.