My life as of this glorious instant

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I miss my crush.
I don't know why
except that I'm always thinking of her
when we're near each other I'm always at least partially conscience of her
and so her absence becomes an ache.

Also, my mother has been in my room lately.
this is bothersome.
I can tell because she'll say
"you still have [insert whatever she's made at me for having out] on your floor today. I checked."

I went to a sleep specialist today to see if they can do anything about my restless leg syndrome.
I've lost so much sleep I am always tired now.
It's like having mono with added insomnia
and without the sore throat.
So they're giving me meds
with some odd side effects
Also, these meds are also physch meds. Mood stablizers
They're giving me mood stablizers to see if it'll help me sleep.

I got kittens and named them Newton and Cassini.
They're small and dark tabby and adorable
and they can't understand why I shower.
it's equally cute and obnoixious.

I feel like there's something more I need to say
something else pent up inside me
but I can't place what.


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The whole mood stabilizers

The whole mood stabilizers for sleeping thing is quite normal, it's because a lot of sleeping drugs are really addictive... Mood stabilizers are much less so.

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