No, I do not like orchestra concerts

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That's right.
Today, we had an orchestra concert. That started at 7:00, but we had to be there at 6:10.
But, girls swim districts was 20 yards away in the pool building starting at 5:00. I went there first, and cheered for all my friends and such, and saw Blake again for the first time in a month. I missed him. I wish Joe was there though...
And I stayed there for like an hour, then went to the PAC at 6:10 like a good boy, and changed and crap.
Then we warmed up, did the concert, took pictures, all that jazz. Then it was 7:40. I decided not to walk home, as it's like 3 miles, and instead waited until my brother finished his program. He finished at 9:00.
We got home at 9:30, I still had homework to do.
It sucked.

I really hate orchestra concerts, not only because of their length, but mostly because of how I have a passion for music, and I love the violin like the next guy, but I don't believe music should be done in symphonies, and then people in suits come to watch them play.
It's not like a band, where they make it interesting as well, it's like just getting a cd player and watching it play music.
People fall asleep, text, and it just makes no sense.

My idea of orchestra concerts is just let go of the pretentious suits and bows and standing up for the conductor, and then just like hold a dinner and auction and play orchestra music lightly in the background.
In my mind, music is to be listened to, not watched.
My family used to ride 30 minutes to Seattle and go to a really nice dinner and then go to listen to the Seattle Symphony, and just watched them play music.
That just sucks. Record them, put them on a cd and I'll listen to it while I do my homework, rather than going somewhere else where I can't do homework and simply watching them make the music.

That's why, on December 1st, I'm going to a charity and playing the piano. Just as soft background Christmas music to soothe the ears of the guests. They might not even realize I'm playing, but their subconsious will, and it will soothe them. And that's how I think it should be.

I've always liked the piano more than the violin. For one, I've played it far longer then the violin, which I've played for only like 4 years.
Also, it's a more solitary instrument, in that is sounds good by itself, better, in my opinion, than a solitary violin, no matter how good.

And basically, I like music as only consuming to whoever happens to be the one playing it at the time. I find the piano a wonderful way to unwind and just play my sorrows into the keys. But I don't think anyone else should have to listen to it.


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For me, the difference lies in the expression...

...of individual versus collective virtuosity.

I love music... for at least two reasons:

(1) being in the presence of the inspired work of a great composer who is able to express his inner self through music, and

(2) being in the presence of the artist who can skillfully interpret this work for my enjoyment.

I receive much joy just by being in the presence of excellence... excellence which is almost certainly achieved only after many years of dedication to mastering the art. Silent tears (of joy) are a frequent result...

It is a deeply moving experience to be in the presence of creative and performing excellence: Such as witnessing a live performance of the soloist in a performance of Beethoven's violin concerto, or the pianist during the highly emotional second movement of almost any Mozart piano concerto.

In these instances, the artists' individual virtuosity is allowed to shine.

I just cannot feel the same at a solely orchestral performance: These just do not allow me the ability to concentrate on any one member's virtuosity.

And, btw, the enjoyment of being in the audience is enhanced many times over if you know that a friend sitting next to you is sharing this same experience...

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I play classical guitar

I play classical guitar (used to play violin...failed. I made my dog cry, it was that bad) At my school we have this awesome concert we call Venue every term and all the music classes (I'm in Chamber Ensemble) music clubs, and student bands perform. Instead of uniforms we wear whatever we want and play mostly original composition. The classes focus on composition. I absolutely adore it.
I also love the seattle symphony performances, but that's cause when you sit in the same room that music is being performed in, you can feel the vibrations way more than on a recording. Instead of hearing music you can feel it in your chest, feel it with your whole being, both emotional and physical, and on a certain level become more close to and involved in the music.

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seattle symphony performances are always good..

i wanted to go to that garrison keilor thing, but im pretty sure i missed it. you play classical guitar bookworm? ever go to dusty strings in fremont? such a cool shop! love that place, even though they informed me my tuner on my guitar is screwed up. lol.

chad, i both agree and disagree. sometimes i like hearing the music live.

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Yes, I have been to Dusty

Yes, I have been to Dusty Strings. Long time ago now, but I have. I adore it as well.

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What I don't like about orchestra concerts

Is that we take it SO SERIOUSLY. It's like golf. Oh, lightly clap, no cheering.
Personally, I feel like if we got into it and were screaming and cheering after performances, it would make everything just FEEL better... They make the atmosphere so un-fun that is IS un-fun :C
You are beautiful, in every single way <3