Opinions and Open Minds

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There are just some things that you have to get off your mind sometimes. I, again, haven't been on this website for almost a year. It seems to come in annual increments that I must write at least one journal to keep up with this site. Sadly, I have barely anytime to write more. I am in Germany, with a broken jaw, and I just came from Afghanistan. Say what you will about that war. It doesn't affect me any. Unless you have been there, you have absolutely no clue. But opinions are necessary to obtain the balance between the Dynamite Democrats and the RoughNeck Republicans, and whomever I left out of the feel free, again, to jump in. But on the contrary. The war hasn't been talked about rarely at all. In the papers of the elections topic, OIF and OEF are no where to be found. Does this matter to anyone? Probably not. Just know, that there are people like you, who are still there. They are still dying, and hurting, for what may be an unprobable cause. But it's not always that simple to say that they are in it for the war. Who knows if it was even their choice to sign in, or whether that idea came from a detour in their personal life. Did they need money, to get away from their horrible life, maybe to create a life they never could have dreamed of when they were just a young girl/boy.? And perhaps they may have joined to prove a point, to prove themselves as strong, fit, and a person who is going places, and who will help contribute and bring peace to anyones life reaching for a hand to hold them up. Or perhaps, they are just Patriots. Either way, the experience you have, is unlike any other, when there is sacrifice, there is a great deal. Selflessness. And the best part is, when it is all over, and you are the one who is coming home, to experience your own country like you never thought you would. Maybe. Life is way to complex. Opinions are needed. But Openminds are too.


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Wow. Wow. and you are so right about opinions and open minds.

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Out of curiosity, are you in

Out of curiosity, are you in the US military and what are your thoughts about don't ask don't tell (if you are familiar with it) and the changes being made to it?
I hope your jaw doesn't hurt, which is stupid, because you broke it, so of course it hurts.
And I agree on the opinions and open minds thing. Without either the world would be stuck in a social roadblock...

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Yeah. I don't really know

Yeah. I don't really know how to express, besides 'Yeah,' which is just completely inadequate.

I myself am planning to join the military (though only the National Guard - the wimpiest part of the military, no? - and have no intentions of getting sent overseas - not that there'd be much I could do to prevent it, I expect), so... yeah, actually, I think I accidentally said everything I was planning to say in the parentheses. Alas.

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in times like these i'm glad the draft isn't around. :) a person could want to fight for their country, that's way cool. and they can protest why war isn't necessary, that's good too. it's a "whatever suits you" thing. i'm glad you went in there and got back. i thank you for your service to our country.

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Agreed. Maybe this is what I

Agreed. Maybe this is what I meant by that mindlessly dumb comment of 'Yeah.'

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Thanks for the comments. The

Thanks for the comments. The don't ask policy is honestly what you make it. If you like to strut that you are a big raging homo maybe the military is not for you. But if you have it under control and everything doesn't have to be so gay all the time, then alot of my guys, don't give a damn. We party and hang, out and have eachothers back 100% on deployments. You just have ti be string now that things for us are coming slowly, steady but strong. Patience is a terrible thing i think, but you have to learn. And as fat as joining, if you on't want to go overseas, do not join the Marines.