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Aside from the whole SPANISH FINAL AHHHness of the day, my day ranks in aspects as perfect.
It's snowing. It never snows before december. But it's beautiful.
Because it's snowing I got an entire hour between my finals.
(side note--As I can't really call my crush simply "my crush" anymore--we're a bit beyond that--I shall now refer to my crush as Wren.)
An entire hour between finals = an entire hour hanging out with all my friends and Wren.
Wren and I stayed close together and hugged/snuggled/held hands/generally were just close.
I was talking about how one of our friend's neckties was really a noose. I mean think about it, I said, If someone were to nail you to the ceiling by your necktie you would be DEAD.
You're so morbid sometimes, said another friend, coincidently the most morbid person I know.
I know. Aren't I wonderful? I said, laughing.
Yes. Said Wren.
just Yes.
I may have gone insane from happiness. At the time I just stroked Wrens hair.
Hey can I steal your hat?
Life moves on.
And I have to read All The Pretty Horses. 15 ands in a sentence.
Also, my ex-girlfriend/close friend is having an angst fit because she's not over me yet even though we broke up more than a year ago and never actually dated...more mutual crushed...we were, after all, thirteen. Anyway, she's ridiculously stubborn just in general which is certainly playing a role. I hope she moves on. I really do.
I hope I don't have to go to school tomorrow--good 30mph winds blowing snow like a sandblaster, a good three inches+ on the ground and the surface is freezing. Please, please, SNOW DAY please.


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seattle was beautiful today...but...

jsut like two years ago, the city's plows suck, the snow has turned to ice on the roads, west seattle is already cut off from the world, and schools will be closed tomorrow! lol.

but there's 4" on the ground here, suppposed to be up to 6" in the AM! crazy! this hasn't happened in seattle since i was 8!

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