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Why do I always wait until Sunday night to do my homework? :( It's mostly done now, though, but still!

So, like I said, yesterday was my birthday! Before I start talking about what I did, you must understand that because I live so far away from civilization, I never get to go anywhere or have friends over or anything.

We were going out to eat. It was me, my parents, my sister, and my dad's girlfriend. I was actually kind of dreading it; there is nothing more awkward than my divorced parents and my dad's girlfriend eating together. My mom went ahead and left to get to town earlier than I did, since I was told to ride with my dad. We got to the restaurant, but I couldn't find my mom. Then, all of a sudden, she appeared with a fantastically colorful cake and two of my best friends! Yaaayyy! It was so awesome!

I do wish she hadn't gotten all SUPER MEGA GOD WARRIOR GRRRRR with them, though. I'm gonna have to apologize about that, I think, because she tried to convince one to go to her church and adamantly insisted that having seizures for Jesus is a special talent. Why? Just... Why? Most teenagers are worried that their parents will tell embarrassing stories and such; I'm worried that my mom will go all Ultra Jesus on my friends.

Some bitch on facebook is being mean to FCG. She has the English skills of a 2-year-old, so I have a hard time understanding anything other than "ugly whore" and other variants of that. She seems like she apparently thinks that FCG is trying to take her boyfriend or something. (If I was him, I think I'd rather go after FCG too. FCG can at least speak English.) But there is one tiny problem that ruins her rant: FCG is gay. Everyone in the universe knows that... Well, everyone except for maybe FCG herself, but I think even she does, way, way deep down. And FCG is not an ugly whore! She's a supermodel compared to this psychotic bitch. That's not saying much, though, but still. Don't worry, I didn't, like, just call FCG hot or anything. Haha... I also highly doubt that FCG is a whore, but if even she is, this girl should rest assured that FCG won't even look at her boyfriend! But yeah, I don't think she's an ugly whore at all, and if this chick says so again, I'll track her down and SHOW her ugly. You don't mess with the freakazoid without my permission.

hurrrr fcg u's an ugly whor stay away frum ma bf even tho ur da biggest homo evurr lololol im a imbreeded redneck

Sorry. I'm mad because I went into GameStop, and this guy I am holding the biggest grudge against was in there. Back in June, I went into GameStop and inquired about something, and he basically told me that girls don't play video games. He is so loud, and he has a stupid voice, and I just hate him. I have spent 11 of my 16 years playing video games, and I am 110% a girl.


Anyway, I'm gonna go write some crap down for AP European and... gasp... play some video games! While being quite undeniably a girl! Oh, the horror!


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i'm seriously beginning to

i'm seriously beginning to think you like FCG...>.>

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Hahah, now what makes you

Hahah, now what makes you say that? D:

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"Some bitch on facebook is

"Some bitch on facebook is being mean to FCG."
" You don't mess with the freakazoid without my permission."

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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But she was being mean to

But she was being mean to FCG... :(

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; A ; double post... You're

; A ; double post...
You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Talk about Procrastination!

Talk about Procrastination! I have to write a three-page essay on the significance of all the deception in Vergil's Aeneid (which we're reading in the original Latin, by the way - thank heaven the essay itself is in English!), due tomorrow, and although I've managed to identify the deception and some patterns within it, I have no idea whatsoever of the significance. So, naturally, what am I doing? Not writing frantically, but nerding around on the internet, reading about you and French Class Girl and your procrastination. And reading about the wonders of Phlebotinum while waiting for pages to load. Sheesh.

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Haha, nice! Yeah, I am

Haha, nice! Yeah, I am browsing facebook and struggling through some algebra I'm too unmotivated to do...

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tsk tsk tsk

Homework always comes first! (Unless you're me!)
Wow, her spelling sounds like my dad's... Hapy 9th Birthay! (Iwas turning 10!)
Oh, I'm doing the Aeneid, too! Except now we're doing background on Venus, for some reason... I think I mentioned that in my wacko long journal. And Super Duck, it reeeeally sounds like you like FCG. Just saying. Btw, your journals are really funny. I thought I might need a little background to understand, so I read through a whole bunch of your journals last night.... now I know who Irritating Girl and FCG are.
This is the Lamest Signature Ever

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I am choosing to ignore the part about liking FCG.

Homework NEVER comes first for me! XD

Yeah, my epic, ongoing sagas definitely require a bit of background knowledge. Haha.