Question: What is your greatest fear and why?

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Something I've always been curious of. There are those usual fears, like of heights and spiders. (Never had the slightest fear at a spider. I've always been fascinated by them)
Then there are more unusual fears. I was wondering if anyone here had any of those.

Okay, I suffer a bit from acrophobia, fear of heights, where if I'm on like a cliff or something, I choke up and can only crawl to the edge. Some nice views though.

But, I imagine my more interesting great fear would not be something so common as fear of heights. No, ironically, I am scared of deep water.
Like, really deep water. Like the ocean or lakes or something.
Pools are fine, as long as they're lighted.
I don't know exactly what it stems from, but I've had it for a long time.

I suppose it may come from early educational CD's my parents got me when I was like 5 on the computer, and there was something about deep sea creatures, and all those weird things creeped me out.
Then, later, I went fishing in Alaska, and we caught all sorts of things, but once I caught a skate, and a couple of times I caught yellow eyes, and ling cod, whom are all very freaky fish, and the sight of them just coming slowly up from the deep terrified me.

For example, twice before I have been in relatively dark hotel pools, which bottoms that have large dark rocks in them, against a light background. I'll be like alone, just swimming across the pool, and all of a sudden it's not a dark rock at the bottom of the pool, it's a manta ray or something!
Then I look, and it's not.

But when I'm in dark pools, or lakes, or the ocean, sometimes I'm really scared of drowning. I'll be fine, then all of a sudden I'll look down into the deep water and I'll just start having a panic attack, and sometimes I have great difficulty getting into shore, despite my high swimming ability.
I'll start to hallucinate things, where I'll be looking across at weeds at the bottom, then just for an instant, they'll be tentacles of something terrible reaching up into our world of light,
Then they'll switch back, but I'll swear I remember tentacles, and I flip out.
There'll be times I'm in a mad, adrenaline fueled rush back to shore, seeing evil creatures all the way and trying not to imagine what could be living way down there in the dark...

This fear is one of the more dangerous fears, I think, as it strikes only in the water, and if I'm doing something where I can't immediatley get to shore, I might panic and drown.
Although that is significantly lessened now that I have the ability to tread water for hours.

But enough of me, what are you scared of?


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hmm...right now...

my biggest fear is getting my ass beat to a pulp by a bunch of hard core bmx riders in the town north of me in the morning, but after that,

honestly, life scares me to death sometimes. no joke.

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stepping into elevators

stepping into elevators

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same here...

lately...stepping into the space needle elevator in seattle for the first time scared the crap outta me the other day. haha

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Being alone

I cannot stand being in a place all by myself unless I know there's someone I know nearby. It's probably because my mom is super overprotective and raised me to be like that. *shrug* I don't know if that's irrational or not, but that's my biggest fear.
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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My greatest fear is that

My greatest fear is that everyone I love will die and I will be all alone. (yes, I'm mentally scarred.)
After that not hieghts but unstable hieghts. I'm fine if I'm climbing ub a fifty foot ladder, usually fine if I'm on a rock wall (though not entirely) but once I'm on something that sways or moves AT ALL more than 5 feet off the ground I have breakdowns.
Then to rational fears: I'm scared I will grow up to turn into my mother (long story) and I'm scared that I'm mentally unstable and will totally lose it one day.

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I don't know why, no one else in my family is remotely scared of spiders. When we lived in Colorado there were tons of wolf spiders so I SHOULD be fine with these tiny little things, but if I see a spider in my house, I run away and if I have to be near one I'll start crying.
Other than that, not knowing who/what is touching me. If I see a person poke me I'm fine, and even being bumped around in crowds is fine, but if I think I'm alone or don't see someone touch me I freak out for a few seconds.

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Well I have one really unusual fear..

I am irrationally afraid of zombies, or anything like them.. Heck a plague of rabid cannibals. But It scares me to death, I used to stay up late at night not being able to move, paralyzed with so much fear it hurt because I could swear that they were in the house. Now I'm a little better but I still can't watch the movies without horrible nightmares. Though my more normal fear is a fear of the ocean. The weird thing is that I love the Ocean, I just can't go in without freaking out. I just can't ... I used to love it and one day I just couldn't anymore.. I'm trying to get over it though.

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don't really know

I actually love both heights and spiders... This is strange, but my biggest fear is mind-readers. I guess I'm paranoid, I always feel like what I'm thinking is in a big bucket balanced on my head andif I'm not careful, it will spill and everyone will see my thoughts. I don't like people knowing things about me I never told them. The thing I'm most afraid of is secrets being exposed. I guess that's what I think I like about Oasis. I don't have to worry about that so much.
Another less serious thing: I never feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be. I'll have my correct schedule right in front of me,on my way to math and suddenly I'll think, "Wait. It's Monday, not Friday, right?" I don't trust my own memory very much, I guess. That last one might be more of an insecurity than a fear but the first one sure tortures me.

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being ordinary nothing is

being ordinary

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.

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my confession

Fear of letting people get close to me and knowing the real me because I don't want to get hurt and I fear that people might not like what they see. I hate letting my defences down and being exposed.

* Like what Shaggy said "it wasn't me"*

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The list:

Heights yes, spiders slightly less so (although I hate just watching any bug crawl around, praying it doesn't crawl towards me). Not being able to see what's going on, really gross wounds (I can't help imagining what it would feel like to sustain that kind of injury... yuck), and being indebted to someone are also among my top fears. And funnyflyby, I have the same thing about schedules :P It's not at all irrational for me, though, just two days ago I walked into the wrong class.

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Mmm hmm

Yeah, not irrational for me either. I sometimes forget what grade I'm in, and open the wrong locker.
And epicfailure sounds a lot like me.

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...such as when climbing the narrow tunnel leading up into the Great Pyramid of Giza: walled in, you can't turn around, and you've no idea how much further ahead it is to the burial chamber (where it's possible to turn around)!

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Being the one who left the

Being the one who left the cake out in the rain.