random question.

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one random question....
whats it called if a friend punches you? is it bullying or what?


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It depends on the punch, and the situation it happened in. If they got mad, punched you once, and ran away, no. If they completely beat you up, yes. If it happens repeatedly, yes. I don't really know what to call it, maybe a friend with a bit of anger?
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Smileys for centerfielder once more. And the correct plural is smilies, but smileys is better so I don't care.

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youre a good friend. the best.

i had this friend that used to repeatedly hurt me. and i was just wondering what the accurate term would be to describe her. i dont want to exaggerate what she did. but is it like an abusive relationship or something? hope this doesnt sound weird.
dont worry. she and i arent friends anymore.

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Thanks, you too. :) once more. And I guess it would be bullying, or maybe harassment, or maybe both?
And are there two 'r's in harrassment, or just one? I swore never to use my dictionary again after it gave the wrong definition for 'transgendered'.

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whatd it say for

whatd it say for transgendered?

uh...hmmm...dunno bout the spelling. lemme look. yep, just one r.

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Ignorant dictionary.

It told me a transgendered person is someone who obsessively wants to be a member of the other sex.
No, no, dictionary. Transgendered people are the sex they are. It just doesn't match the body they were born in. Deal with it. It's a good thing I knew what it meant before I looked it up.

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ignorant dictionary is

ignorant dictionary is right. i mean, youre right in saying its ignorant. its not right. you are.