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So, yeah, I'm typing on a dsi which for some reason stopped working, so I'll continue the previous journal here.
Anyway, we did a myth about Venus. Our homework is to think of a good romantic 'match' for a bunch of Roman gods/goddesses. A lot of ideas popped into my head, but 3/4 of them are the same sex as the deity. I wanted to ask if I could use them, but decided against it because I wasn't exactly feeling confident in my closet here, not to mention a girl I like was sitting 2 seats behind me :) but as soon as I chose not to ask, the boy who sits next to me asks, "Do they have to be different genders?"
The Latin teacher looks at him and says, "Well, yeah." Like she was thinking, "Why would anyone ever think of a gay god or goddess? How could that even cross your mind?"
He looked uncomfortable, and said, weakly, "But what if they're... you know..." and started gesturing wildly with his hands. How hard is it to just say gay, or queer, or something?! He tried again. "What if they're, like...." And then, super quietly, "Gay, or something?" She looked at him coldly, and said, "Don't be so difficult. No." He looked like he wanted to just die there for bringing it up, but he said, "Still, isn't that kinda predjudiced?I mean, 2% of people are..." He stopped, looking at her. I wanted to just say, "No, 10% of people are queer in a way." But I didn't. I kind of respect that boy for that, and now I'm wondering if he's gay or just not predjudiced. I do think he might be gay, he seems kinda...I'm still impressed he had the guts to say that, though.
Oh, one more thing. In science, some idiot told me I'd never, EVER have a boyfriend because I don't like physical contact. What, I'm not allowed to dodge it if a guy tries to put his hand on my shoulder? Come on, I don't even really like any guys right now, anyway. I do seem to be much more inclined towards female people... whatever. If anybody actually read through both parts of this journal, thank you,and I'm very surprised!