Senior Year

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I'm worried about one of my friends. She's stressing so much right now. What's worse is that she's really not a sharer. I've gotten hints that she's been freaking out over more than college apps and homework(which is bad enough in her case) but she won't tell me what it is. I haven't pushed it. I think she said that she was going to therapy this week, but whenever she tells me anything actually important she mutters and says things in passing when I'm not really listening.

She's so insecure. SO insecure. I don't get it. Not to say I'm the most confident of people, but at a certain point you just need to suck it up and go. She's an extremely talented person too. She is so smart, ranked maybe 3 in our highschool of a class of 700+. I don't understand what she's so afraid of.

Senior year. I've come so far,maybe. It just seems so strange to me to fall into that sort of depression your senior year when I was acting the way she does now 3 years ago. But then again, maybe I'm a hypocrite. There were portions of last month where I was as sunk as I was then.

It's just if she needs to talk to someone about depression and being upset I'm the first person to talk to. I get it, I really do. I get that feeling when everything in your life hurts and you feel like you're going insane a little bit. I know it comes in waves. I know. I guess she doesn't know that though. I never showed it as much as she does.


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For someone who has achieved so much... can be quite stressful if one feels obliged to work ever harder to justify the impressions of teachers, parents, and classmates. The stress can be particularly acute during the teen and post teen years.

Think about this: If a teacher has given you a much higher grade on a paper than you think your efforts warranted... the conscientious student is very likely encouraged to put in even greater effort in the future (to justify --- and not lose --- the favorable impression of the teacher).

Then you probably wonder... Was the teacher just prodding me? :)

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you're right, I hadn't

you're right, I hadn't really though of it that way. That's probably exactly what she's thinking.

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elph is right. Can't say much else, but yeah.