Stuff I feel like saying.

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I just wrote a hugely long journal, and deleted all the typing because I didn't really care if anyone read it, and nobody'd care, anyway.
I'm going to Cape Cod tomorrow, yay. I don't have Internet there, though, so no Oasis for me. Sad.
I refused to make a turkey name-placeholder thing for Thanksgiving. It seems a little sick to me that people look at cute little pipe cleaner turkeys as they chew on the flesh of the real thing. I had my own sweet potatoes,with the vegan marshmallows I learned about from Riku. Score 1 for Oasis. Something I thought of:
I before E except after C.
I guess wrong rules are part of societies. It's their species being weird.
I could do much better than that if I tried, but I don't really feel like trying, so whatever.


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We care

Something I've discovered about Oasis is, even if you didn't get any comments, quite often it's because most people don't know what to say to it.

But I pretty much read every journal written on here XD
You are beautiful, in every single way <3