Super Duck Tours in Boston

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Super Duck, why didn't you tell me you were giving tours through the Boston streets?
Okay, well there are these things called Duck Tours where people ride in these boat/car trolleys through Boston, and go on a tour to see famous buildings, historical sites, etc. The cars then go through the water as boats. Forgot to include that. Anyway, I was in Boston with my friend, going to the aquarium, and the Duck Tour people have something new: Super Ducks! I saw the ad and laughed. Wow, what's on your tour, Super Duck? How is it having random Boston tourists on it?
Sorry, but I think it was kinda funny.
If anyone ever goes to Boston who likes Italian food, eat at the Cantina Italiano, or whatever it's called. It was very, very delicious.
Maybe you can go there on a Super Duck tour!
Sorry, I 'm getting a kick out of that.


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In seattle we have tours

In seattle we have tours that sound like they do the same thing, they're called Ride The Ducks, which is disgustingly hilarious if you're in a particularly twisted and sick mood.
They don't compare to before they changed the streetcar name, though.
South Lake Union Trolley.
That's right, everyone, ride the SLUT.

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Yes! I know exactly what you're talking about!

and then they play obnoxious music and the driver says loud things on a microphone and I am bothered by them greatly.
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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That's so funny,Bookworm!... I wonder if someone did that on purpose to see if anyone would notice! Wow.
And yep, those are the tours all right. My aunt once got loudly greeted by a microphone guy, who turned out to be her old boyfriend, while carrying her newly bought wedding dress... when have those tours ever done anything good?

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I've riden one of those!!!

I've riden one of those!!! In Alaska. They're pretty cool. QUACK!

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HAHAHAHAHA! See, I am so

HAHAHAHAHA! See, I am so famous that they are naming tours after me! Honestly, though, if I had a tour, we'd probably just get coffee and strippers. XD