The Daring Adventures of My Stapler

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I'm starting to get a cold and am currently working on a headache. My brain is being all stupid. It's Monday. My sister was playing some irritating music earlier, and I haven't quite gotten over it. Needless to say, I am not having a good time.

I have to write a persuasive paper for English class. I'm doing mine on gay marriage. One of my friends told me a story about how her older sister did an opinion paper in college and got points marked off for having the "wrong opinion." I'm a little scared now.

Irritating Girl told French Class Girl all about her new obsession with some guy. I'm sure that crushed her. Hahahahaha! The fact that IG was all, "FCG, you're soooo amazingly beautiful~" over and over today probably made it worse. Aww, false hope! Poor FCG! I guess she isn't really as ugly as I say she is... She has her own, uh, freakazoid-ish charm, I suppose, but she'll never, ever, ever have a chance with IG, her one true love! Aww, how sad!

Holy crap, the guy is agnostic! (I looked at his facebook. He seems too cool for her.) YES! I knew there were other non-Christians in the school, but I never thought there was an atheist besides me, or even an agnostic. I feel less alone!

I have to draw a bunch of stuff for my French class tomorrow, and I want to impress them with my art skills. Like, I am actually putting effort into this! Obviously it's not a masterpiece, but I just want to see what they'll say, if anything. Haha. Damn, it takes me so long to draw...

EWWW! We have another standardized test this week. I hate those things with a passion. Ugh. Do not want. The questions are usually fucking insane, and I hate sitting still for so long. I hate staring at the sheets with the little bubbles one has to fill in. I just hate it. Oh, holy shit, how I hate it.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to finish some history homework, but it's stupidly hard, so I'll probably get my genius friend's answers at school in the morning.


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Er, if it's an opinion

Er, if it's an opinion paper, how can you possibly have the wrong opinion?

What's your teacher like? Mad conservative?

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I don't know, but apparently

I don't know, but apparently that teacher was an asshole.

I don't know what my English teacher is like in that respect; she's not nearly as opinionated as my history teacher, so I never hear her go into political rants.