the new guy :]

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Code name: Duck. Tallish and blond, in love with music, funny and caring. Has this slow way of talking that makes you think he's processing every word before he says it. He's straight but has been known to pretend to be gay when he first meets a person, as a kind of test. He's friendly to almost everyone and I've never seen him mad. He's open and weird and funky. I met him a couple months ago but started to really get to know him in the past two weeks. His codename is duck because that's what I call him. He calls me kitty because I fell asleep a couple times when we hung out. We text nonstop, only stopping to sleep and (sometimes) school.

But it's not perfect. He and this mutual friend (codename May) liked each other a few weeks ago, and though she lives a few hours away, he went to visit her. They hung out (and have the coupley pictures to prove it) but he told her that he couldn't keep up a long distance relationship. Duck then told me that they're friends now, nothing more. But he tells her he loves her and calls her pretty often.

His best friend thinks we're going to end up together, but I don't want to get in the middle of his and May's relationship. We'll all be together over Thanksgiving, so I'll know for sure then, but it's killing me. Oh, high school drama. I want this to work out.


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Like SUPER Duck? XD


Sounds like he's a cool dude, though.
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

Bi the Book's picture sure itll all sure itll all work out! and if duck and may are still together...welll...*cough* ill take care of that! lol jk but just stick through it! if he says that there is nothing going on, then i would believe him. if you are still unsure, try asking may? im not sure if thats possible, but you can try it. wouldnt hurt, would it? hope this helps! (and sorry i didnt think of all this sooner!)