This could get interesting.

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I was at my schools music performance night last night.
My chamber ensamble class preformed first.
After which I sat next to my crush and met en's mother.
Also, I introduced en (gender neutral pronoun) to my parents.
My dad thinks en is a boy.
I didn't correct him.
This could get interesting, if we officially date and I tell my parents. I'm not going to officially date and not tell them...I've had a secret relationship before and I found it WAY more stress than it's worth. Anyway, could be interesting because my mom thinks my crush is a girl and my dad thinks my crush is a boy and neither are entirely incorrect. Also, my parents know I'm lesbian so I'd have to have the "two types of attraction--physical and mental--I identify as lesbian because regardless of mental attraction I'm physically attracted just about solely to girls, and usually mentally attracted to girls as well, but there are always exceptions where I'm mentally attracted to guys and if that mental attraction is strong enough I develop a (generally slight) physical attraction to them..." and my current crush is difficult to place, given that when I started crushing on en I didn't know en wasn't female (I'm 90% sure en places on the FtM spectrum but I don't know quite where) but now that I do I haven't stopped crushing, in fact just the opposite.