Time Change

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I am officially all messed up from the time change. I keep wondering if it really did happen and what I'll doif I get confused about it.
The other thing is my watch, which I don't change for daylight savings. I got it around 2 months before the clocks turned forwards, and it was 2 min. slow anyway, so I always had to add 1hr. 2min. to my watch to get the right time. I didn't know how to change it, but then I got so used to adding 1hr 2min I now do it automatically on every digital clock I see. (My watch is digital)It was also a great conversation starter, well, I could use it whenever people asked me what time it was and then I might have something to say other than the time, even if they thought I was a lunatic (actually, someone did say that) for keeping it wrong. Anyway, now I have to get used to only adding 2 minutes, which is just so boring. Also now it really seems likethe watch is wrong. Before I always said, when another clock argued with my watch-math, "After you add an hour and 2 minutes, my watch is always right!" But only with 2 minutes? Yeah, not as interesting.