wow, haha, i still remember the password for this site.

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hello all! highly doubt many of you remember me, what with the high turnover rate this site seems to have.

anywho...basically just wanted to see if i still had an account on here (which i do, obviously) and say hello...


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Hello :D I think I vaguely

Hello :D

I think I vaguely remember you, OR I've read your comments on old things that don't really pertain to me :) But it's nice to see you visiting!!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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How have you been?

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i remeber

ferrets never forget :)

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HEY! long time no hear from!

HEY! long time no hear from! i remember you! hows it goin??

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Hi there! I am new, part of

Hi there! I am new, part of that turnover you mentioned, but I have heard of you anyway... Nice to see you're still around!

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Yes! I remember you! Well, some. Where have you been? Hi.

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No, you're not forgotten

No, you're not forgotten ~

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I remember you. How've you been?

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i remember you too. i

i remember you too. i remember we used to talk a lot.