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It was my birthday today. Mother nature gave me my birthday gift earlier today and it included cramps. Not that you needed to know that. :P

Anyways, I didn't do anything special, but it was perfect. Settling down tonight to play some Mass Effect 2 cuddled in my nice comfy bed. XD


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happy birthday oh happy

happy birthday
oh happy birthday
people dying, children crying
on your birthday

(i learned this from my choir master)

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Oh so positive, lamb_da.

But...happy birthday!

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happy birthday ^_^ eyes

happy birthday ^_^

eyes slanted like blinking lullabies

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Thanks, guys! No one's heard

Thanks, guys!

No one's heard a single word I've said
They don't sound as good outside my head