A Christmas Carol takes 2nd Priority

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Bah, humbug. I am quickly becoming obsessed with Bday girl, who I've tried to mention ALAIHP (As Little As Is Humanly Possible) but... I can't. Gahhhh... Clueless embarassed me in front of gaj today. Clueless and I were walking in through a doorway. Bday was simultaneously walking out that doorway. Clueless: "HI, Bday!" (Clueless doesn't even know Bday! I just talk about gaj too much...) And I almost fainted but said, "Hello." We walked away quickly and Clueless started laughing at the expression on my face :D I bet I looked really funny...
We saw A Christmas Carol today and it was pretty good, but the door incident is much more important to me for some reason :)
Oh- my new favorite thing that Christmas brought. Y'know that Christmas song that goes, 'Hey, ho, the mistletoe, hung where you can see, somebody waits for you, kiss her once for me'? Yes? Well, my mother was singing along with it and when it said 'kiss her' my mother said, "Well, one of your gender-neutral pronouns would be good there, Funnyflyby. Then men and women of all... types could sing along."
All types. Yes. I laughed...
On the bus ride to the Christmas Carol (we went to see it with the school as a 'field trip') I fell asleep. And I started dreaming about Oasis and people's journals and what they said and stuff. I realized I was dreaming in the dream (lucidity!) so I woke myself up before I spoke aloud. Now, the dsi is out of chargebso this is all I can Oasisize for tonight. G'bye.


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woah, i don't recall ever

woah, i don't recall ever having a dream about oasis...then again, i can barely recall about 99% of my dreams :L

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Lucid dreaming---you were

Lucid dreaming---you were shooting for that, havent you been? anyway, props!!! :D YAY.

thats awesome bout your mom.

:p. i know...seeing crushes can be embarrassing.
dont wanna rain on your parade, but is Bday...straight?

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ahh, lucid dreaming... i've

ahh, lucid dreaming...

i've tried to achieve it through binaural beats but i usually end up being stuck in sleep paralysis and freaking out...

"Well, one of your gender-neutral pronouns would be good there, Funnyflyby. Then men and women of all... types could sing along."

is (:

"pleasure is absolute, pain is relative."

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It seems you made a mistake;

You called her a birthday girl but then used the gaj pronoun

Wouldn't she be considered a birthday gajindiak then?
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Nah, gaj's a girl.

I use the 'gaj' pronoun for everybody, regardless of gender. That's pretty much the whole point, that it doesn't matter...
And yes, I have been shooting for lucid dreaming! I'm happy... that's like the second time I ever succeeded since I started trying! Yay!
Bday's straight, as far as I know :(
But... I can still daydream randomly... and hope...