A Problem With Contagious British Accents

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Hmm... that seems random title generator-y, but it's actually relevant. Has anyone here heard of Foriegn Accent Syndrome? I'm not 100% sure that's what I have, but it's pretty close.
Whenever I hear a British accent for at least 10 or so minutes at a time, I get stuck in one. I honestly acquire an accent. It doesn't leave until I wake up the next morning, and sometimes it still lingers. Why is this? I have no idea. The only way I can prevent it after hearing the accent is to not speak for at least 2 hrs. Normally this isn't much of a problem, but it will be Thursday and Friday.
We're starting an analysis of A Christmas Carol in English. We'll watch a bit of the movie and use a book on tape. Both of which will use British accents. Oh, no. I tried to explain this problem to my teacher, but she said, "Oh, you'll be extra-realistic when we act it out!" She doesn't get that if I speak AT ALL afterwards, it will stick. That will not be good.
I tried to get my mother to write me a note excusing me from talking for a while afterwards, but she wouldn't. Gah.
Why must I have this accent problem? It may be because I prefer the way British people talk to American accents of all sorts. I don't even always sound American, I've been told I sound British when I don't even notice. I still don't notice. And so tomorrow and Friday I will not be speaking. My problems are so strange.
Also, a sad statistic: I've been listening to Me, Myself, and Time an average of 22 times a day. I'm the only person I know who pays more attention to the background music than the singing. Gah once more. I wonder if I'll get in trouble for not speaking...


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same thing happens when im around my my russian friend. his voice is so sexi...

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Accents are funny things.

I don't have the problem of adopting random accents after hearing them, but accents fascinate me somehow. Where I live, many people sound annoying. Everyone--teachers, salesmen, classmates, my grandma's creepy sister--thinks I have a stupid, weird, misplaced accent. Well, not all of them call it stupid; a few people think it's alright or even nice, but it's still embarrassing to have attention drawn to it. I ask them to imitate it for me, and I can never even attempt to figure out what it sounds like, so maybe I just have my own unique Super Duck accent. Wow, this comment made a lot more sense in my head.

Anyway, yeah, I think accents are weird/cool/fascinating.

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People pick up on the

People pick up on the accents that they're around. If I flew over to the UK for a few months I'd probably pick up a bit of an accent. When I was watching BBC programming once I realized I started thinking in a bit of a Scottish accent. Um...

Anyways, who gives a damn? British accents are so much sexier.

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Very true.

I've been accused of making fun of British people, though. Which I'm not. It's ridiculous how stuck I get, this started happening earlier this summer, when my friends and I were goofing around in different accents and POOF!!! Mine stayed more than 48 hours. As soon as I can I'll go to the UK, where I won't think people sound weird and they won't think I do. I'll stay long enough to have a good excuse for the accent, then return. It'll probably stick for the rest of my life.

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I've experienced it. I speak

I've experienced it.
I speak french with a Canadian accent, and when I was attending a school in which EVERYONE was French from France I had some of the accent for a few months after I left. I've still kept some expressions and some intonation from it, I've been asked if I was from France before (by other francophones), so...

It's a strange thing though!

as small as a wish in a well.

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I played a character with a

I played a character with a Scottish accent in a play almost a year ago, and a lot of the vowel sounds are still with me. Especially when I'm on my guard, speechwise. The more uncomfortable I am, the thicker the brogue. It's weird.

Not entirely relatedly, I've noticed that I've taken to speaking very quietly. I'm sure there's some psychological reason for it. Drawing further back into my shell (or my mental cave) and talking in a weird sort of mutter with unusual vowel sounds...

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It was on the news only a

It was on the news only a couple of months ago were a women from england had a really bad migraine, so she slept on it and in the morning woke up with a full french accent. She went to the doctors and all but they couldn't really find a cure for it.

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That's really strange,

yet rather cool. So yes, the accent came today, but I managed to avoid speaking until the end of the day. There's a teacher who's SHOCKED at how RUDE I was, though. That'd be because I didn't verbally answer. I gestured. I wish everybody in the world understood their spoken language, and also ASL (American Sign Language, which I'm almost-fluent in. My mother's an ASL interpreter.) It would've made it easier. The same thing will happen tomorrow, too. Yay... it fills me with such joy. Not. I love British accents, but I don't need to keep adopting them, really.

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I pick up

accents very easily. Actually, the wide variety of accents I've been exposed to over my life has kinda screwed up my own speech. It's one of the eclectic accents ever, I swear. Living in Arizona had mellowed it out a bit, because if you're not aware, Arizonans literally don't have an accent. They pronounce with dictionary pronunciation.

Try mixing like, South Texan, with a bit of Tennessee, with some Arizona, with a hispanic accent, with a bit of German and Russian pronunciations, a bit of California attitude and then, to top it off, half the time I trip over my own tongue and end up speaking 'Engrish'. I mix up my 'r's and 'l's at least five times in a day.

And then if I hear someone speaking a certain way for so long, like my friend Linda, whom I would hang out with daily, she has like a French-Spanish sounding accent, I would start to say things as she did.

Sometimes it gets awkward when I hang around people, like in my Russian class, who have thick Russian/Ukrainian accents, I start talking like that, and I think they kinda feel like I'm making fun of them, and I'm not.

Oh, I'm good at imitating English and Irish accents. 8D