Anger Isues

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Ever since I found out about myself I find that there are times when I get really really really angry and I want to hit stuff (don't worry I haven't actually hit anyone). It's werid cause there's no real reason.

Mabey it's just a phase cause I really only realised it recently.

Don't worry I excersize so that's a way to get rid of the stress and other than the anger finding out about myself has really been a positive experiance for me.(^_^)


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welcome to oasis (: it's

welcome to oasis (:
it's good you have other outlets

"pleasure is absolute, pain is relative."

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Yay for Meldiseus!

I've already gathered you rock. Fast first impressions. Yes, welcome and such! (Well, someone's pretty much the WORST welccomer ever... D: )
I get mood swings like that a lot... I usually write long, involved mental Oasis journals and thendon't post them for fear of scaring the rest of Oasis away! I won't scare you guys away. :)
If that fails, I punch my brother's stuffed animals, which seem to always end up in my bedroom for some inexplicable reason.

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Have angry sex

Actually don't, some people might not like it.

Welcome anyway