Auckland not Oakland, please

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First, Why does Keira Knightley spread her legs like a spider when caught having sex in Atonement?

Also, fantasitic news, Auckland University approved me for second year law. The admission rate of first year law students is less than 20%. Bringen Sie mir eine Flasche Wein bitte! Whoever knows German correct me.

There's more - Remember my big dilemma between K and T? Remember also the line from gossip girl, 'Is it going to be three-way, or D-day'? Well, turns out for me it's neither. T is my boyfriend now, and K is a good friend (who also got into law school). K stayed over with me and T last night after we went clubbing together and we all got on really well. I don't think it could've worked out better.

Also, I need someone to pick between Latin and French for me. I want to take it at university as well, but so far I'm undecided. French is more widely spoken, but Latin seems more mentally stimulating. Maybe I'll flip a coin.

I bought a Marcs winter coat (boxing day sale)! It was over 50% off I am so happy with it. Oh, consumerist culture... what to do.

And, just one more thing - I'm such a politics slut. I don't have any genuine views anymore... I'm too good at just adopting views on the spot (from too much competitive debating) I don't even know what I believe in. Like I can flirt with the Green Party, then have a fling with the National Party... and Labour Party will be the mistress of the side. The other day I convinced these liberals that a recently passed punitive prison policy in New Zealand is actually desirable... without meaning to. Damn, I made the world just a little bit more bigotted, my bad. I just wanted them to think about what they were believing in.

New Years Eve tomorrow (actually today now)! Churr.


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Latin would be fine...

...if your academic/professional objectives involve reading documents in Latin. Doubtful, I'd guess...

However, if you like the idea of the stimulating effects involved in acquiring knowledge of another language, a living language should work equally as well!

Have you given any consideration to either Russian or Arabic?

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Yes actually, Arabic will

Yes actually, Arabic will be... a bit too stimulating I think. If I recall correctly it has three numbers (singular, plural, dual), the vowels can be omitted from writing and many phrases have four ways of being said depending on the gender of the speaker and the recipient... I think I will pass lol.

Russian's just a bit whack... I don't know. I would actually go for Arabic because more people 'speak' it (let's be optimistic and ignore all the regional dialects).

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Too stimulating?!

Oh, my... not at all!

You do have a rudimentary understanding, however: Arabic has both short and long vowels (but English could also be described similarly: bit/beat). The short vowels are not written in Arabic (but are provided for the benefit of learners). Even the quality of the long vowels is only hinted!

A dual form for nouns is no impediment... It's just used when speaking of a pair!

What you will find of academic interest is how vocabulary (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs...) are generated by the pattern in which a 3-consonant root participates. For example, the consonant root k-t-b lies at the core of nearly all words associated withe writing: write, library, desk, author, written, book...

Yes... many colloquial dialects! But, educated speakers communicate quite effortlessly using mildly modified classical (written) Arabic.

As for Russian: New alphabet... correct pronunciation of the written word follows quite well-defined rules (interestingly, the reverse is not quite so exact). In any event... nothing like the disconnect between spelling and pronunciation as exists in modern English (which exists to maintain readable literature over the centuries of spoken language drift).

In Russian, however, you will learn that the admonishment one is taught for English (frequently ignored: never end a sentence with a preposition) is rigidly followed in Russian.

Good luck on whatever language you choose!

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Before I type up a proper response...

Never end a sentence with a preposition

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Now... This is hilarious!

Did you have this clip lying in readiness just for the occasion?

I'm sure my guess will be correct: Swimmerguy will get a kick out of this!