Best. Day. Ever.

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Love it when everything goes my way.

I've been poke-dorking out for my whole life and last night I stayed up until three doing it


Rival, when do I get my battle? I AM GETTING ANTSY MMKAY? :)

But seriously the whole boyfriend issues have been cleared up, we hung out today

and I am so happy, like, you don't even know. He fell asleep for like two hours and he is so adorable when he sleeps. He woke up a few times and looked at me, so I said "Hi, sleepy!" and then he hugged me and kissed me a few times, mumbled something, and fell back asleep XD

Such a cutie
Then my cat jumped on him and woke him up and I was PISSED
but then he was so snuggly afterwards that it was okay <3

Mmmm, I love it when everything is good between us <3 cause he is such a super sweetheart when he's not cranky.

But I think I realized something about him and why he can be so douchey.
His eldest brother has really bad anger issues- The kind where he randomly starts screaming and beating people up.

And his other older brother is a complete douchebag
So I think, blueboy, being the youngest, sort of had both of these rub off on him. And I am really proud of him for how much he's improved. He did used to be alot worse, and we were talking about it today, and I felt sort of bad for him because he's always sort of surrounded by that kind of atmosphere.

But he's lovely when he's happy <3 and I love him <3

I am very happy
He is very good to me
Very, very
Yes he has flaws but so do I and I should start getting over that
I trust him with so much
He's gentle and sweet and loving and great
He takes such good care of me and he makes me feel so beautiful :)

Love <3

Completely and totally <3



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I'm glad everything is going great for you =DDD and its just a plus that he's cute when he sleeps, haha

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He is the most adorable little boy when he sleeps

It's like he's a little kid, all adorable and snuggly and cute X3

Thanks! :)
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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i am jealous but very glad

i am jealous
but very glad that things are better :-)

eyes slanted like blinking lullabies

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Don't be jealous

Our relationship has more sexualness than you would enjoy. It's nothing that you would want.

But thank you :)
You are beautiful, in every single way <3