Best Friend?

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I don't know why I even call her that.

It's so pathetic; a hopeless, pathetic phrase.

There's no way she can be my best friend. I see where her priorities lay.

We'll call this one girl Marjorie. Well my best friend seems to looove this girl even though she bothers the motherfreaking hell out of me. She's the most absolute picky, rude, and perfectionist I've ever met. She really has no personality. Like, my best friend showed her an English project they had, a scrapbook, and it was beautiful. But all she could say was "WHAT, this looks horrible! Ohh, how did you let -insert name- write that part? It's so WRONG! This isn't glued on right! This isn't right!" Blah blah blah SO MEAN. I didn't hear a single nice word out of her mouth but my best friend just laughed and smiled like she was telling her it was beautiful.

And this girl is really freaking popular. How does this even work?

Anyways, Marjorie is on the Basketball team. Best Friend wants to be on the Basketball team again but she hurt her leg and can't play. Best Friend goes to every game and- I can't even believe this- Every PRACTICE.

I ask her to hang out, it's- "Ohh, ahh, probably not. I don't know. I might be doing something with Marjorie or watching the B-ball team practice or something".
and now that she's finally able to hang out, she's like "Oh, by the way, we have a B-ball practice so I can't stay over for a long time."

No, THEY have a practice. You're just watching and maybe helping. And you do it all the time. This is your best friend here, and you already said you'd come over and you're ditching on me for a PRACTICE?

Jesus, she loves B-ball, I understand, but I don't understand why going to a practice is important. It's just a practice, there's tons of them. I would understand a GAME, but, seriously? I'm less important than a stupid B-ball practice? Now I love music but if there was an optional music practice or something with the middle school that I could go to, I don't know about you, but I would pick my friend over that... >_>;;

She also tried to make me feel bad for wanting her to miss the last four minutes of ONE b-ball game to go see a band concert.
Which is something that doesn't happen twice a week.

Which her BROTHER was playing in as well as a lot of our friends.

Nope, B-ball. Four minutes of B-ball more important than that.


I'm so lonely. I told you about that one girl who's a little crazy and into me, right? Well I really want to hang out with her but I know if I do we're gonna probably do some not-kosher stuff.
and I don't want to cheat on my boyfriend but I have issues with saying "no".

So that is totally out of the question until we break up, if we do, until I get boundaries set with her.

Back to main subject

I am so jealous. I want to be her best friend but she has so many friends that I can never be.
She doesn't realize what she means to me. Often she can mean life or death. I don't think I could live without her. She's more than a friend, she's like my family. I love her. I would do and sacrifice anything she wished.

I don't think I CAN call her my best friend anymore.

If I were to be completley honest, Super Duck is my best friend. I don't know if you guys know that I talk to her alot but she is amazing and she deserves all the attention she gets on here :'D
She's not only hilarious, but she's super nice. How FCG doesn't tap that immediately I don't know! XD



See I'm not creepy I'm just, ah, expressively different :D

I bought this SEXAY fedora and I have been wearing it around. I feel like a super dyke but that's okay, because the hat is pleased by this. Mmmyess the hat is very pleased >:D

Seriously anybody who wears it gets all the chicks

I promise.

anyways, ahhhh, hmmm. What are you guys having for dinner on Christmas?


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Something kind of similar

Something kind of similar happened with me and my best friend. He meant just about everything to me, but apparently I wasn't his top priority. We officially broke up two weeks ago, but we'd been functionally apart for a while. I still haven't come anywhere close to filling the void he left in my world. I don't have a best friend at all now, unless I can count all the Oasians collectively. So... I can appreciate the sheer suckishness of your situation.

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It really sucks

and the more I try to fix it the worse it gets.

I don't want to let it happen but I guess it is anyways. I'm sorry you've got that hole. I like filling holes ;D

Heehee :)
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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You're one of my best friends too! (I say "one of" because I have quite a few.) And I think you're great too! Yay! :D

Sorry about your friend, though. I've had friends ditch me too before, and it really sucks...

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Hooray! :) Yay for frienditude! :)

It's okay. It's nothing that I haven't been preparing for :/
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Story of my life. I call

Story of my life. I call her best friend, and her priorities tell her its more important to leave and go shopping without me because it doesn't matter what she promised. She doesn't want to wait for me.

And I'm left behind.

Only being the best friend when its convenient to her.

Unfair? I think so, she thinks not.

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Bah, I hate it when friends are that way...

Gaj: "Hey, can I come over tonight?"
Me: "Um... sorry. I have plans with my friend from camp, remember? The one from New Jersey, who I haven't seen in a year or so?"
Gaj: "But I was reeeally looking forward t coming over!"
Me: "I never even said I'd be available!"
Gaj: "But I thought you would be!"
Me: "Maybe you should've made sure before counting on it...sorry. Are you free tomorrow, like we actually planned?"
Gaj: "No, I've got swim team practice."
Me: "You said you'd be free!"
Gaj: "Well, turns out I'm not. I can't be free every time you expect me to, you should learn to deal with that."

WHAT??? Hm... let's look at the beginning of this conversation...!
In other words, friends are real pains sometimes. Yes.

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I have issues with saying

I have issues with saying "no".

= my life

eyes slanted like blinking lullabies

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Me too, Magic Fantastic, me

Me too, Magic Fantastic, me too.