Boredom, boredom, insignificant problems, etc.

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I'm home sick from school. Yipee. I'm not all that sick, though. Just a mild fever, tiredness, and a really painful throat. And I am bored out of my mind. Blehhhhh...
Since I'm sick and it's uncertain whether I have strep or not, I probably will not be able to go do something with Clueless and Other Friends, which is too bad because I wanted to come out to them this weekend. (I'm pretty sure Clueless will threaten Other's life if she tells anyone, so I'm pretty safe in that regard.)
I feel guilty that I'm not super-sick. It seems like I'm faking it or something (which I'm not... I think..) Because sometimes it's just placebo... The school 'nurse' told me it was just a bad throat cold, but she said that once last year, too, and when I went to the doctor she said it was one of the worst cases of strep she'd ever seen. Also, it's hard for outsiders to tell when I have a slight temperature, because my normal body temp is actually a fraction of a degree lower than is usual. Can somebody post something to entertain me? Please?


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I'm here to stalk you! Not really, lol. But everyone needs a relax day, right?

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Same here with the throat thing

And don't worry, your body temperature fluxes alot during the day. And I have the same problem but it's just poor circulation, so my midtemp is higher than my extremities. You really only need to worry about fever if it's a whole degree higher or more.

Anyways, sorry. I'm boring. No entertainment for you!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Thank you, people!

Well, I just napped for three hours so I'm feeling somewhat better. I think the fever's gone, so that's good. Now I'll be awake 'till at least 2 AM, though, so I may end up stalking you back, Punkish. Oasis is probably the only site I go on with more than three times as many users at midnight than at 3:00. Well, it works. I shall read the recent posts and then nap again.