Cell Phones=evil

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I had a long conversation with my mother about why why WHY I hate cell phones, and how I really, really don't want the one gaj gave me for an early Christmas present.
Gaj's argument: I need to know where you are when you're walking around town with your friends, you'll be able to contact me if you need something, you'll be able to text your friends, and such.
I said I hate cell phones, period. If I carry a cell phone around people expect me to check my messages and generally reply to them, which just annoys me. It's another thing I must avoid losing. It exposes me to, 'What phone/apps have you got, is it better or worse than mine' and such. It seems wasteful to keep an electronic device on when I'm not using it. And the phones themselves are awful. Texting makes my hands hurt and causes my mild carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand to get worse, as well as annoying texts that use those awful abbreviations. Talking on a cell phone creeps me out, the way the mouthpiece doesn't reach down to my mouth and the cold metal is up against my face like some kind of parasite. I hate the noises the phone makes, the obnoxious tones when it's turned on and off as well as the BEEPs.
In short, I absolutely BEGGED gaj to return the phone and get the money back before the 15-day trial time is up. I finally managed to convince her to at least get me a boring phone that can't do much. Though I'm apparently the only person in the world between the ages of 9 and 43 who will not ever want a cell phone and begs not to have one. Gah. If I must keep the phone, I'll 'accidentally' drop it in a swimming pool.


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Sometimes I wish we had less

Sometimes I wish we had less technology because it bothers me how far people take it. Like how youre expected to check email and everything on like a daily basis.
I wish I couldjust like, take off technology's brain for a small break. but i dont think it works that way.

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Cell phones

I used to despise them, but I've warmed to them a little.
Texting conversations, I don't really like. I don't have the time for them and the little time I do have I don't necessarily want to spend texting.
But I do use my phone as an alarm. I've used other things, and then I had a clock I set across the room and when it went off I had to get up to go over and turn it off, which was useful, but it fell and broke.
So I just use my phone, which works fine, most of the time, and hey, I already have the thing, why not use it's extra functions.

But it is very useful at swim meets, where it would take hours to find my parents if I didn't have my phone, it's way better to just call them.
I don't really mind talking on phones.

And also, if I go to school and I realize I forgot my phone which hardly ever happens, I actually feel a little insecure, because what if I have to call like my parents or something and I'm not able to?

But I do agree, I really really hate people who are always texting me and expecting me to reply. You have too much time on your hands, I think if that's the case.

No one escapes from life alive

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'Though I'm apparently the

'Though I'm apparently the only person in the world between the ages of 9 and 43 who will not ever want a cell phone and begs not to have one.'

Not the only! I'm seventeen (prime cell phone age!) and do not want a cellular telephone. Do not have one, do not want one, do not want to ever have one. I have some weird fantasy in which land phones and pay phones are discontinued and I resort to communicating by post and telegram. The most sophisticated technology I carry around on my person is a pocketwatch (awesome enough in its own right) that tells the time of the day and the day of the month (although it thinks all months have 31 days, and doesn't know antemeridian time from postmeridian time), and does absolutely nothing else (except be awesome by sheer merit of being a pocketwatch. The most sophisticated technology I carry around ever is a scientific but non-graphing calculator in my backpack. In addition to all the other technology aversions in which I take pride, I also take pride in being pretty much the only person to make it through every level of mathematics middle and high schools have to offer without ever learning to graph with a calculator, despite teachers' annual assurance that I would need to about two weeks from the time they told me.

Apologies for the long and excessively prideful rant.

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Don't apologize!

It was great. I applaud your thoughts (which are strangely almost identical to many of mine...)

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YES. graphing calculators

YES. graphing calculators bother me. in high school i tried to tell the teachers i'd rather do everything long-hand because you learn more that way. rather than just clicking a few buttons and waiting for the answer. it makes more sense and is more satisfying when you arrive at the answer after doing the wwhole problem by yourself with no graphing calculator.