Cows Go to Camp

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My cat is such a little shit! He knocked over his bag of dry food, making a HUGE mess. I just want it to be the winter holidays already. I am sooo sick of school. But before that happens, I have to take exams! Eww, there are three that are going to just suck beyond all conceivable measure. I don't even want to think about them. Ugh, I have next week and then the exams. Gross.

Today was AWFUL! I think I made my first bad grade in algebra... We had a test, and I didn't know a thing. I skipped 6 questions, and they were worth 3 points each. I know I did NOT get all of the ones I did right, so that's automatically below an 82 right there. Damn, I've made A's and B's on every test in there so far with the exception of one C+. The test itself was brain-breakingly hard, and no one could even make sense of the last few questions. There was even something I don't think we went over.

Anyway, FCG's hair was super shiny today and yesterday, but the teacher said no one can touch anyone's hair! WHY MUST THE TEACHER MAKE SUCH ANNOYING RULES? It makes me rage. No, teacher, go away! I don't want to learn! I want to pet the freakazoid's hair! But today I rebelled. Oh, yes. It made my sucky day instantly better somehow.

FCG: IG, wanna feel my hair?
IG: No.
Me: Can I?
FCG: Sure!
Me: ((Runs fingers through FCG's hair while the teacher is busy)) Umm, your hair is all soft and nice... I really like it.
FCG: Aww, thank you!

FCG then complained that multiple people (including her mom) insinuated that she was ugly. I think I have said some variation of, "Well, I don't think you're ugly!" to her seriously every day this week. She has such low self-esteem sometimes! I'm shocked that her own mother thinks she's ugly, though. WTF? I wish there was a way I could make her feel better because every time I tell her she's not ugly, she insists that she is. :( Why, freakazoid? I think you're cute!

Lately she does this weird thing where she just randomly gets all in my face. Every time she does it, I think she's gonna kiss me or something, but obviously she never does, or you'd know allll about it.

FCG is currently trying to make people think she's straight on facebook. IG is encouraging her blatantly untrue behavior. My dear freakazoid, everyone in the universe who has seen you interact with a girl knows you are at the very least bisexual but are most likely totally gay... Your own mother is even suspicious now.

I want to (attempt to) play guitar again. I haven't been able to play much this whole school year, and I learn it at a pathetically slow pace. I have a really sexy acoustic one and a cheap, crappy electric one. I like playing it, I just am awful and unmotivated. I only know how to play a few songs halfway decently...

Speaking of things I desperately need to do but suck at, my dad cannot comprehend why I can't drive in town at night. Umm, I'm scared to drive in town in the daytime, so why should it being night make it better? Recently, my dad made me drive him somewhere, and this old guy in a huge truck nearly backed right into me. This truck was about twice the size of my car, so I probably would've died if I hadn't abused the hell out of my car's horn. Ever since then, I have been terrified. Old guys in huge trucks are EVERYWHERE here. (And that guy was a douche to the max! He had the nerve to even glare at my dad when he saw him get out because I honked at him! Umm, Mr. Bad Driver Guy, YOU'RE the one who nearly killed US.)