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Okay I've been hannging out on this site for a while now. some of you know me others don't and for some reason I feel like I've made a big mistake.
Its not like any of you have been mean. actually you've all been very nice but it's like I've spread my self so much that there's not much left. like someone's puntching holes through me and every thing just falls out thourgh them.
Mabey it's just because I'm new to releasing all (any of) my feelings to anybody.
Well thanks for listening I hope that as time goes by I'll get better at leting go and thanks.


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Its hard at the beginning.

Its hard at the beginning. Its not about being bad at it, its just being new. At the beginning I know I was, too, hesitant to share my feelings and thoughts. It takes some getting used to.
We're here for you.
I learned that this site has the most wonderful people when I've been in my worst parts of my depression (I was diagnosed officially two years ago with depression and some other stuff, too). People here are here to show that none of us have to fight alone, we're all together on this journey.

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*Hugs* back (^_^) to all of you

All for one, and one for all. Three Musketeers
Never give up, never surrender. Tim Alen in Galaxy Quest
Life is full of beginnings and endings, and right now I'm kinda in the middle. this is from me(^_^)