drivers ed

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soo i haven't written anything in a while so i figured i'd update people and say hey to the people i haven't met before. so hey! right now i am in drivers ed. it isn't the most interesting thing i have ever done but it will be worth it. i get my permit in 3 weeks and i'm so excited. i can't wait to be independent and such. my teacher used to be a pro football coach and now he's a high school coach with a side of drivers ed teacher. he gave us his whole story. that's about the most exciting thing that is going on in my life. i have other issues going on but i'd need more like a dozen pages for that so that'll be for another time. i just wanted to say hey for people i haven't met yet and hey again to people i haven't talked to in a while. 'tis all. :-) byee!



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Driving is both scary and

Driving is both scary and amazing at the same time. I'm always afraid of messing up, but it feels freeing at the same time. I won't have my full license for a little bit longer, but I have a permit. :3