Feeling better

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So, I am now feeling much better having listened to Cantina, by Voltaire,...I don't know, it's an I NEED MENTAL BLEACH PRONTO song, but it makes you think a) "at least I'm not being raped by half the characters in Star Wars" and b) "at least I'm not messed up enough to write a remarkably descriptive song about being raped by half the characters in Star Wars." Also, I cuddled my kittens and thought about how much worse life could be, which included but was not limited to thinking, "Hey, at least it's not 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, or 7th and to a lesser degree 8th grade. And at least no one's currently dying." I'm still nervous, but not all at once.
Also, I saw Tangled. It was funny. My favorite characters were the chameleon and the horse, and my favorite element the frying pan.
Yeah. Life is good. I'm messed up, but life is good, more or less.