Finally, A Clueless Reaction!

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Well, it sure took you long enough, Clueless. I talked to and e-mailed you Saturday and you respond Tuesday? Really?
So, in Science I was sitting at a table with Clueless as well as 2 boys who I'll call T and M because I'm currently not in a creative mood. M and I were the only people in the history of our English teacher to get 100% on some analogy test, apparently, and the teacher made a big deal about it. T remarked, "How perfect. This table gets one male, one female genius." Clueless shot me a look that asked, 'Are you really going to go into this now?' And... I did.
"Well, I'm not really female. I'm a gajindiak, because-"
Clueless interrupts. "I got your email, by the way." I was stunned, as at this point I'd assumed the e-mail hadn't gotten through.
"And... you did get it?!"
"Yes, and I thought-"
"Um! You can really, REALLY stop talking now."
"I wanted to say I think you-"
"PLEASE, JUST SHUT IT!" (I hate saying that, but it did work.)
T interrupts, of course. "What was this e-mail?"
"Well, Funnyflyby's a gajindiak, and gajindiaks can-"
"NO! Never mind! I'll tell you later!" (I'm sure I will. T and I are actually pretty good friends.)
Clueless: "Why would you send it if you didn't want anybody to KNOW!"
"Um, you're my FRIEND! I told you to delete it!"
"I Archived it!"
"No, just kidding."
"Well, stop!"
"Are you even sure that's how you spell her name?"
"Yes! And now this conversation is OVER!"
"Um... what did Other say?"
"I'm not even sure gaj got the email!"
So once more, I suppose that's not a bad reaction so much as a clueless reaction. But what do you expect from Clueless? That was... interesting. Gaj seems to still like me, though, so... a success?


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Sorry to sound ignorant, but

Sorry to sound ignorant, but i'm not really sure I understand what happened...I mean...
I dunno.

Sorry :x.

Good job and yeah, that'd be hard that gaj started to talk about it in front of the class, even if T and M are nice people, still its like you told Clueless and Other and only them for a reason. :)