Gah, a bit too much cake...

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I went over to my friend's house today for gaj's birthday, and ate waaay too much cake. Oh-this friend needs a name. How 'bout Jayjay, as gaj's obsessed with the letter 'j' and I like how Jayjay looks. Jayjay's the one who I actually succeeded in coming out to, with the game Life? Remember gaj? Yes, that one. Best friend eveeeer. Anyway, it's gaj's birthday soon, and we ate cake. We plan to have some sort of sleepover, and if that actually happens I shall not be Oasisizing later. Both fortunately and unfortunately I ate too much cake and made myself sick. So... I get a chance to recuperate. Recuperate=Oasisize. So now you know what's goin' on in my life. Yay.
I feel the need to say something random and pointless. I decided to purge my iPod, as it's filled with random songs I never listen to. So I made a list of qualities the song must have to stay:
Good background music/colors
If a love song, not specify gender (all-purpose!)
Some sort of instrumental part without any vocals at all
Not be 'glarby' (bonus points for anyone who remembers what that means!)
Non-vocal intro, interesting intro

Surprisingly, about 38% of the songs that made it through were Kelly Clarkson. I don't have that many of gaj's songs so I hadn't realized that I actually like several of them quite a lot... So, once more, that was random.
Now... what did I want to say? Lethologica again! I know there was actually originally a point to this journal... what was it...?!
Sorry, I forgot the point.


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:) I cant remember having

I cant remember having heard about Jayjay before. Have I heard of gaj?
I thought of the famous piece of advice "You can have your cake and eat it too" that how it goes? Yeah,that. does recuperation time = Youtube??? :D

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Oh, thats what i was going

Oh, thats what i was going to say (I know...lethological alll around :p)..I love your song system. Sounds GOOD. Especiallythe gender part. What else passed the test?

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:( Not YouTube.

I'm upstairs alone... brother and mother downstairs. I think my brother's on the computer right now, actually...
Hm... Let's see who else passed the test. There are a lot of different ones, most of which are random and obscure. So I'll list the ones that people may have heard of. Let's see the playlist.
Okay, a couple Taylor Swift songs made it, though 94.87% were cut by the gender part and the non-vocal intro part. Swift annoys me sometimes, but the background music is AMAZING so I put up with the lyrics. Hm... hey, there are 2 Disney songs that made it! Go figure! Me, Myself, and Time and Believe in Me, both by Demi Lovato. I actually really like Believe in Me, I heard it before I knew it was Disney so... I didn't have a chance to pre-judge. Good for Disney exceptions. Hm... Fireflies is here... Actually, there are only like 30 out of about 150 songs that got in! Auditions are tough!
I just thought of the name Jayjay, so you haven't heard of gaj by that name, but I've mentioned gaj a couple times as 'my friend' or 'my best friend'. Jayjay is great....


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Yes..tough auditions.very tough.