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"I hate dancing with guys, so I don't do it. It's like, ewww, get off of me! Just... Gag me! Eww! No!"

Oh, FCG... So gay. Sooooo gay. I have a test tomorrow but am woefully unprepared because I spent the entire time in class talking to/staring at FCG while we were supposed to be reviewing. I have such a hard time keeping my hands off of her, and she just plain makes it unfair when she leans in just inches away from my face! It's hard enough to keep my heart from beating out of my chest; how am I supposed to resist touching her too?

At first, I didn't see her at school, so I was like, "NOOO! TODAY IS GONNA SUCK!" Then, lo and behold, I happened to turn around in the hall after history, and BAM! Wild freakazoid appeared! YAY!

I failed my algebra test! I failed it bad too. My teacher actually wrote "what" on my paper. I felt soooo bad about myself. :( It's my first bad grade of the entire year in math, which is good for me, but it brought my average down 5 points! What the hell? I was enjoying my 97, thank you very much.

Old Crush was so weird today. She yelled at everyone and pretended to have sex with her desk. Uhhh... Okay then! Good luck with that. I wonder what was wrong with her today. She's usually somewhat normal.


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I think you should ask her

I think you should ask her out

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I know I should... I'm just

I know I should... I'm just reallllyyyy scared to!

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oh lord just...you two need

oh lord just...you two need to get together soon. and have you deport her from narnia yet?

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Haha, not yet... :(

Haha, not yet... :(

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Fill in the blank

Super Duck ___________________________ French Class Girl.

What exactly did you get to drop 5%? That's pretty steep.

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Sooo many things could go in the blank!

Likes? Wants to touch the hair of?

I got a 56. :(