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Alright so theres a boy in my school and i really like him. I've known him for a year now and i think he might be gay. We talk alot and he waits for me in the hallway so we could walk together. Last year we hungout alot and we went to the movies together one on one. I also hung out at his house alot and one time while he was laying on his bed and i was on his computer he smiled at me and lifted up his shirt (which was so sexy <3) but i wasnt sure whether that was a sign or not. Another time we were standing in front of the movie theater waiting for our parents to pick us up and he stood right in front of me and smiled and i felt him looking into my eyes (also im not out the closet yet) and when he was about to leave in his ride he asked me if i wanted him to stay and wait with me (which of course i said yes to) but one thing is that lately we havent hung out outside of school and im wondering if hes gay. Should i make a move. I NEED HELP!!!!!

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This looks very positive...

...but before making any move, just concentrate on developing a genuine mutual friendship.

I'm sure that you are very excited about all the possibilities... but you'll be rewarded later by not appearing too anxious.

But, in the meantime, what about those hormones that demand attention? For the present, I'm confident that you're familiar with the quite universal and efficacious (albeit just a tad selfish) solution :)

Welcome to Oasis! I'm confident that you'll find all here quite friendly...

Suggest that you keep us updated on progress in a Journal.

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Welcome to Oasis!

Yeah, like Elph said, it sounds promising...

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Insanity says....

Dude, go for it. It really sounds like he is gay, and it wouldnt hurt to try, would it?

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your right thanks :)

your right thanks :)