Hm... I had a title, but I completely forget what it was.

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Now. This is another multi topic-ed journal. Here we go.
1. Today was the last day of school until 2011, exciting. Last time to see Bday, too :( but I think a break may be good for my Bday-obsessed mind.
2. We did an English assignment that was supposed to help us find our 'voice' in poems by cutting up other poems. We also had to include similes and hyperbole, etc. but I got... sidetracked. In case ths matters, the four poems we could cut from were: Winter Trees, by William Carlos Williams, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, Gathering Leaves by Robert Frost, and November Morning by Evaleen Steen. Generally we were supposed to take phrases we liked, or just words, but anything at all could be taken from the sheets the poems were printed on. Mine got a little depressing after a while. It didn't fit the requirements so much. Here it is (without caps like it had to be):
the complicated details elude my embrace
and what have I then?
I shall be telling this with a sigh

I make a great noise
to say
next to nothing of use

oh, can it be that darkness
is everywhere
to mock the summer rainbows

weight like earth
flowing over my arms
into my face
again and again
such sparkle, sparkle, sparkle with many colored gleam
fills all the frosty air
and that has made all the difference
running away.

And I was supposed to put it on the 'poem board' with all the people who described snowflakes, and... Robert Frost being gay. Yes, a line from the original 'November Morning' is 'the autumn sun, in wonder, is gayly peering through'
You can bet some people had a lot of fun with THAT.Sheesh.
3. A creepy boy has decided to get annoy me as much as possibe by calling me 'she', and elbow me repeatedly because gaj knows I don't like physical contact. Anyway, today as I was watchingBday leave and almost CRYING (stupid Flyby)a bunch of boys came up to me, pointed, and yelled,"SHEEE!" Doesn't havemuch of an effect without context,though still annoying.*eyeroll*


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your poem is really good.
oh and as for me, the end of school for the holidays was the 17th! thought i'd make you jealous. LOL!

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Oh, I'm so proud about the filter!

I first triggered it yesterday... and have about 4 times since then... such joy.
Thanks. I didn't reeeally write it, but I pretty much picked and chose bits from those other poems...and I feel like I wrote it. So there. Most of the phrases were originally describing nature... but I twisted them to suit my needs. Hehe.
Aw! You did make me jealous! All the holidays are being cut short because they want us to have a longer summer holiday... Oh, wow. I'm calling them holidays instead of vacations. I really don't belong in the USA...
Anyway, thanks.

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oh yeah.

i know that you explained the poems creation. just i had to delete some stuff so i wouldn't trigger the spam filter. :)

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*thumbs up*
The spam filter is EVIL. Stupid thing.