I am losing my voice

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In fact, I can barely talk now. Most of it comes out like a squeaky whisper.

God, I've never had this happen to me. It's so weird. I'm drinking tea with honey and praying it goes away by tomorrow or everyone will laugh at me.

Then again, it'll probably be funny.

So I had Messiah today, which was pretty fun, although I had to stop halfway during the practice because I had a coughing fit. It was soooo-o-o-o-oooo embarrassing, you don't even know. I felt like I was getting everyone germy and bleh.

I am really sleepy because my coughing kept me up all night. I'm at my wits end with this cold, it needs to go away or I will eat it!

Eating my cold would probably make it worse, what am I talking about. Considering I have a throat cold and eating goes in my throat and yes.

I have the best idea, guys

Shit I forgot because I'm so tired.




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I'm pretty much recovered from my sore throat now, so you probably didn't catch it from me. Phew, I can stop feeling guilty. Though I hope you feel better soon.
For Christmas what I want is a bathroom, mini-fridge and computer installed in my bedroom, because then I'd be able to basically live up here. What I'd like that's actually somewhat possible is my own computer up here, but when I said this I was told it's 'a major parenting no-no to let someone my age have unsupervised Internet access.' Cyberbullying and such. Hm... I mean, it's not like I keep my internetable dsi in my bedroom or anything. Nope, no unsupervised Internet here!
I'd really like a Beta Fish for Christmas. That's really random, but I love cool-looking fish. Hence my mandarinfish avatar. The one thing I do NOT want is a cell phone! Deal, world! Why must I have one! Those things annoy me to no end! Yet I'm supposed to looong for one, according to... this species.
I want private voice lessons, which I will not get. I want them anyway.
I want the Barnes & Noble e-book reader, the Nook, because it's better than the Kindle and doesn't bankrupt local bookstores.
I want a tree.
I want orange juice. I am craving orange juice right now for some reason.
I want my new cousin to be born midnight at New Years, which would be so, so cool. (The due date is the 30th, so it's very possible.)
I want a lot of things, none of which will happen.

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For Christmas...

I want my history class to be banned forever, and a certain freakazoid. :P

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Super Duck is much more concise than I am. But-I may actually be able to get a mini-fridge in my room! That's so random I assumed it was impossible but it turns out my dad has one gaj got a long time ago for Thanksgiving. Huh. But, I'm happy! I won't have to worry about my father putting things in the water bottles! (No joke, I really do need to worry about that.)