I figured out what's making me sad.

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It's about my boyfriend and how he treated me when we broke up.

I'd get into detail but I always feel bad constantly talking about him. The only other person that I'd have to talk about besides him that's interesting, though, is Super Duck... And she's already on here :P

So I guess my life's really too boring to post here.

I am getting better. Today I'm more melancholy, less depressed. But it still stings, a faint murmur in my ear.

Is this life, or is it a game of cat and mouse?

I don't know. I'm pondering what people think of me, and I am not pleased. I am not the nicest person, lately, because I want to be heard; I want my voice to carry on the winds to the people I need to hear it.

I'm taking the wrong approach, but it works, like magic; and I celebrate inside while I slowly poison myself.

Why do I do this to myself?

I don't know how to be loved, I don't know how to love. I am a meek, shy, unfortunate lover who is unpleasable, worrisome, weak. I need to be taken care of.

Nobody wants someone like me. If they do, they've GOT to be kidding themselves.

BAWW. LOOK AT ME BAWW. See? Who wants someone like that? Someone who thinks of themselves like shit, who can't even hold onto their own self-esteem unless someone tells them they're good?

I fell.
She said she would always be there to catch me when I fell
but she's always the one to kick me down


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Hey. First off, never think

First off, never think that you can't post something on here because it's boring or uninteresting after all thats the point of this place (sort of). It's a place where you can tell every one anything going on with you.

Second off, about finding hapiness. The only real advise I can give you is to spred as much happiness to others, as much as you can and it should eventualy find it's way back to you.


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You still rock... whether you think so or not. Oasis is an oasis and just post your random moans here if you want. I'll still read them.
(Sorry, I pretty much suck at being comforting... just know I'm trying, okay?)