I have no idea what a good title would be...

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So... bleh. Not all that much to say... Though I'm slightly annoyed with my mother.
Mother: "You're a girl!"
Me: "I'm a GAJINDIAK!"
Mother: "You've got the biological structure of a girl, therefore, you are a girl."
Me: "I told you already! I'm a gajindiak! I've told you gajindiaks can have either biological structure! Anyway, biological structure means almost nothing!"
Mother: "Yeah?"
Me: "Oh, never mind. I'm tired. I'll go to bed now." (go to bed=sneak onto Oasis at midnight.)

Well, that was an obnoxipus conversation. Grr. I didn't feel like explaining anything at the moment, though. Too tired. So... I had something else to say, but I just completely forgot what. That would be lethologica.


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I've had this argument too

I've had this argument too many times with my mother... Though it's mostly about me wearing short shorts with tights or other stuff hehe.

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:( Awww. I'm sowwy :(

:( Awww. I'm sowwy :(

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Yeah... I need to have that

Yeah... I need to have that talk sometimes. The closest I've ever come was this:

Mom: You need to make it possible for people to identify you as female.
Me: But... what if I don't identify myself as female...?
Mom: Then... I don't know.
Conversation ends abruptly.