I just saw a picture

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I just saw a picture of one of my best friends but it was gross. no it wasnt a naked picture or anything.

See, she was my best friend but she barely talks to me ever since the thing happened. that one fucking day two days before my birthday. Why the hell it had to happen, i dont know.

anyway, as i was saying, i saw a picture of this friend of mine. and she looks so gross. i feel so mean to say this.

but i remember her telling me she had been hospitalized for anorexia but in my head, i never saw it was this bad.

this picture captures it all.

shes so fucking gross to look at. and i hate that. i hate what it did to her. and now she wont talk to me and i had nothing to do with it.

i wish i could just be friends with her again. but im afraid she never wants to see me again.


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Anorexia hits hard. And horribly. I'm so sorry. And it's not mean. Just...true.

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I just hate how I remind her

I just hate how I remind her of everything bad that happened.

I want to rekindle the friendship. But i dont know how.