In response to Ke$ha (poem about transphobia)

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It took you sucking the sweetness from the pears in my garden
To make me want to get clean,
To stop taking the drugs you blasted through the airwaves,
To go from celebrity crushed to crushed by a celebrity.
Because the last thing I need is someone else telling me what a real man should do,
I get enough of that already.

I stood up for you when people called you a slut,
Told them where to stick their criteria for a promiscuous woman,
Thought that what you were doing wasn't feminism,
But neither was telling you to stop, that it's somehow worse when you objectify men
Because the words you like to use aren't good for anyone,
But when you aim them at dudes, then it gets more attention.

So when I hear someone decry
Your in-your-face sexuality, now I know how to reply,
Because wanting to fuck isn't shameful,
But not wanting to fuck a guy
Who doesn't have the parts you think he should,
Or who doesn't meet some standard of masculinity
Which says all he wants is pussy,
Not conversation,
And all he feels is anger
And white-hot man lust
And never pain,
Never sorrow-
That's something that makes you a bad role model,
A bad influence on our kids,
Telling our little boys they should think with their dicks,
Or else the girls who want their bodies will call them "chicks."