Its THAT Time of the Month

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I could use some assistance with this one...

As it is that awful painstaking time of the month, I am reminded more and more by mother nature to just SHUT UP ALREADY, YOU'RE A GIRL. This week is really hitting me hard and more than usual. The cramps are so utterly painful. And I keep getting reminded that I can dream as much as I want, but all it is is a dream, still at the beginning and end of the day, I'm a chick.

I'm sorta hoping that talking with people who know about my dysphoria will just extremely kick in this week with the whole calling me Eli and such.

I am officially going to be getting a binder but I've been putting off deciding which one. I hear the Tritop is great, but its more expensive than some others. Shall I start with the cheapest ones--a tank one?

Oh, and as dysphoric as I've been, I'm still not ready to tell my parents. Yes, I eventually will, but I'm not going to at least for another few months. But people keep trying to rush me. And I hate that.


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At THAT time of the month, Advil is my best friend. I have no other advice about that part.
Hm... I won't rush you. Take yer time, you'll be fine. ← Stupid almost-rhymes.
Hello Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli
(I'm making up for the nexttime somebody doesn't call you Eli. I am supplying you with Eli's to fill in whenever that's not what you're called originally.)
Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli
Tell me when/if you need more, Eli.

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Yes, Advil is a life saver

Yes, Advil is a life saver :)

And thank you so much, funnyflyby :D.

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Anytime, Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli :D ;) :) ;D


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Agreed. Advil is the only

Agreed. Advil is the only way I can live with my family during my period, which has this awful timing thing going on so that I had it during the last play I was in (which overlapped with halloween) thanksgiving, and, seeing as it just started, christmas as well. It's annoying cause I have to awkwardly excuse myself to get advil, change pads, etc and my 8-year-old little sister just stares at me....
Periods are bad enough when you're a girl, so I can only imagine how horrible it must be to be a guy and still have to deal with them....*hugs*
Oh, and I don't know if this is feasible w/family+finances and all, but birth control meds can stop your period from coming entirely if you use them right, and in fact are often prescribed to lessen period-related misery, I mean, you'd have to talk to a doctor and well, take birth control meds, but it could be an option.

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They CAN?

I asked what age I could take birth control and if that would work the SECOND I got the stupid thing! I was told it wouldn't work... so, hope?

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Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli I hope

Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli I hope the whole crampy thing gets better >< and might I suggest pills? Like I always see those commercials for pills that make ur period come only like once every three months, maybe that'd be of interest.

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Thank you, thank you, and

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Stopping the period would be good. Though, I'd be turned off by it being called "birth control"...hmm...maybe its just me, I dunno.

*hugs*--thanks, The Bookworm.

I'm thinking maybe I can ask my psychiatrist? She's actually my psychatrist for depression/anxiety, but I think her primary degree is actually in postpartum depression, so you think she'll know about hormone-y stuff?

Or do I have to wait to talk to a primary care physician? Long story short, I see a dude and I don't like him / don't feel comfortable talking to him.

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Well, you can try talking to

Well, you can try talking to your psychiatrist, but given what my mom's told me about her job you may need to talk to primary care. I'd definitely talk to the psychiatrist first, though, and explain why you want the birth control cause not all types stop periods. Usually for use as actual birth control people are given filler pills--really just sugar or something--so their period still comes, but the way birth control pills work is they essentially "trick" your body into thinking you're very slightly pregnant and so you don't ovulate and therefore don't menstruate.

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Okay, I am SO Googling these pills.


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And what have you found,

And what have you found, funnyflyby?

So, what's the best way to talk about these pills with anyone? I may post another journal of the idea I have of how to do it.

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Interesting... yeah, if you don't take the fillers and just move on to new active pills the period doesn't come. Now... why were there fillersin the first place, and how old do I haveto be to take these?
(I tried to link, but the spam filter... so you can just take out the space between the 1st 2 w's.

Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli, you can just post it here :D :) ;D ;)

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Here's some sort of

Here's some sort of something I may say:

I would like to alert you of something as I have learned this for myself in order to keep you in the loop of things. I identify as a transgendered person. Born in a female body, I identify neither as male nor female, but rather find that I tend to fall somewhere in between. While I still have the physical traits of someone of the female sex, I feel most comfortable when I think of myself as anything but female.
Because of this, while the menstruation may be unpleasant (but bearable) for girls, to me it is not just unpleasant but highly embarrassing and very much so UNbearable. Around the time of my period, I become even more depressed and the destructive urges go way up. I cannot know for sure at this point whether stopping my period will stop all these problems, but I do know that while I question my gender, and identify psychologically as a male (At least to myself, in my own eyes) having a period is a barrier to life.

For this reason, I would like to ask you about the possibilities of perhaps getting on some medicine in hopes of stopping my periods.

(Then my question for everyone...just because my depression seems to get worse around my period, that doesn't REALLY mean i'm completely trans and that that depression is due to my transness??)

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Sounds Good, Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli Eli!

I think that will work just fine. Thumbs up.

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depression with menstruation

depression with menstruation is pretty common in the female-bodied population- it's a hormonal thing. I used to get really angsty when i got my period. try to analyze who you are when you're NOT totally jacked up on lady-juices and freaking out because your body is doing something that your mind dictates it shouldn't.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?