Love is so precious it must be rationed

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She, for a minute or two, stood looking at the house and said,
"There's no mistake. Considering the great debt I-"
And the rest was taken away by the wind.

Then she did a little dance, moving her arms in rowing motions, throwing each leg in front of her and stamping down hard.
When the Sun and Moon collide
You, who would be king will have a story to tell.

Yes, but for now pour her another drink - it's a wonderful title (wife)!
Comrade, comrade
She will bear him the Son of France!
"What's it going to be then, eh?"
I ran up, said "Is there room?" They said "Sure, hop on, 's'room for everybody."
So I did.

Secrets you said, would hold us two apart;
But for Heaven's sake, keep this one secret from her!
There is no need to tell her much of your adventures that night
Like Heathcliff and the lady (but a man),
You only shook your head (blindsight)
We all forgot that she is herself a dowry
Even you had become nothing,
But a medium of circulation.


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wow. as small as a wish in


as small as a wish in a well.

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I second that 'wow.'

I second that 'wow.'

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I hope in a good way...

I hope in a good way... thanks guys lol

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I third that 'wow.'! Of course in a good way.